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My name is Neil, I’m a 59 y.o. divorced male. I grew up in an environment of Domestic violence so I at least, somewhat, understand the implications caused by Household violence.

I also understand the importance of equality. I’m old enough to remember women being truly dealt with as different class citizens.

I hesitate to use the term lower class although I accept others using it because there were advantages as well as disadvantages for females. Ie: Women didn’t fight in combat, Women were paid for on dates, Women were supported financially. Even to this day, Ladies very rarely:

  • Buy a man small gifts or a bunch of flowers
  • Ask a man out, especially on a first date
  • Pay for dinner dates or romantic outings

I remember, as a child understanding the unfairness of different gender pay rates and far worse, no voting rights. I remember the disgust I felt of Male employers believing it was fine to “Touch Up” the ladies as it was so eloquently described. My mother regularly defended herself from being felt-up while working in factories, Butcher’s shops and delicatessens. Mum was a strong, very independently minded woman who challenged unwanted advances, first-time, every time so it wasn’t ever a threat for her, just a mild annoyance. Men were’t stupid back then either, they just wanted to know if they “had a chance”. I was strongly a supporter of the “Women’s Lib” movement and remain today, a true believer in Gender Equality.

I started to lose faith in the direction of the movement in the early to mid 80’s when entire languaging system came under attack. I seriously couldn’t accept a Mail Box needed to be renamed because it was offensive and degrading to women!

It is now customary for each individual female to decide her own level of feminism and men just need to be mind readers and intuitively know what each female believes is the correct protocol in her presence. I stress here, I don’t have a problem whatever the rules are between couples, but when the rules are as diverse as being expected to pay vs. being verbally abused for paying (not splitting the bill), the ground gets murky very quickly.

Sadly, in Australia as well as most Western-world countries, the anti-male ground swell has been driven by a very power hungry minority that refuse to acknowledge the gender balance levels that have been quite closely established. Yes, there are still imbalances but females are not the downtrodden victims, some pretend to be.

Over the last decade or two, I’ve witnessed a very hard-core, small minority of feminists grow angrier and more manipulative than any of the original movement would have ever considered desirable. This new movement are becoming so aggressively pushing their narrative on other women, other women have to blindly accept, agree and get on the bandwagon or silence themselves for fear of Cancel-Culture or other savage attacks

We’ve seen the political strength of loud far-left wing minority groups taking complete charge of our civilisation’s direction. The feminist movement has probably been the most covert and insidious of all minority groups. Instead of working to create a genuinely equitable status between males and females, we now have a situation where women have both perceived and real power to usurp men.

This imbalance of power has primarily been obtained by long and deliberate processes to discredit males. Discreditation occurs with:

  • Control of the media to suggest virtually all men are aggressive, bullying, dangerous, degraders of women.
  • Control of languaging with deliberately degrading terms like Mansplaining, Mansplaying, Manbaby, Manterupting through to insistence of ridiculous change like Mail-box to Post-Box.
  • Control of the judicial system, including Police, Family law and Criminal law
  • Continual reduction of females to be responsible for their actions. (using emotion, drugs or alcohol to eliminate responsibility)
  • Continual shifting of behavioural boundaries (from leaving toilet seat down to knowing whether a particular woman likes or dislikes a door being opened for them)
  • Manipulative guilt inducement (If you loved me you would want to…., If I was important to you, you would…….. )
  • Complete control of what behaviours are acceptable in any house. Males are is now “Overpowering” the woman rather than disagreeing if his view must even be heard, let alone accepted.

As stated earlier, I strongly backed the “Women’s Lib” movement when they were fighting for legitimate equality rather than total supremacy, dominance and complete ability to totally usurp any man’s reputation, life and assets at will. FEMALE equality now exists in most important ways. Men’s rights have been deliberately eroded in the process.

Women have achieved many protections from the pre-equality era. Many of these protections are now at Men’s risk or expense. There are no corresponding protections to protect ANY rights a man should have.

If you’re playing a board game and the other player is clearly cheating or “Stacking the Deck” the only way to act is just stop playing.

IF TOTAL SUPREMACY IS WHAT Hard-Core SJW FEMINISTS WANT, I SAY, GIVE IT TO THEM! Then just don’t go near women at all. The risks are higher than their value.
Sadly, it’s GOOD WOMEN that deserve a good man that are now paying the price. Collectively, men are either walking away completely or partially satisfying themselves with short term relationships mitigating the risks.

It’s my current view that until a groundswell of good women stand up to these Hard-Core Feminists, our society will continue to decay. If men try to argue these issues, it’s just Mansplaining from Manbabies or whatever other Man-derogatory term is used on the day. My personal favorite if your opinion differs from Feminists is Manterupting.

Western world marriage and birth rates are in massive decline. By most accounts, these will fall further as the sons of victimised fathers are now making their life choices.

With negative population growth, many western country governments are pushing huge immigration policies, compensating for the fertility rate drop.

It’s your time to choose your own path.

I’m choosing mine again. Yes, I have more than one path to walk. One of my paths is to try to help people deal with people. Many of my efforts are to help people meet each others needs. If you don’t have your path clear, try watching this I don’t agree with every element but it’s better than I can voice. Contrary to the video title, I think the principles apply to females as well.