If you’re a male being attacked with False AVO’s, False Sexual Assault or other deliberately deceptive or “Strategical” Legal accusations, there are a few really critical elements to understand;

First, Act Fast! The sooner you have correct representation, the more likely pertinent evidence will remain available. Once supporting evidence is buried, tainted or destroyed, not only will it be more likely you won’t be able to obtain that evidence, the more it’s likely to cost.

Second, understand the vast majority of False or misleading accusations are specifically generated to take control of your children, property and/or income to obtain massively advantageous financial benefits. The balance of wrongful accusations usually come from hiding shame, regret or outright spite. Knowing which is crucial to strategic defence.

Third, remember, many False or misleading accusations are at the suggestion of the accusers’ legal team. Many accusers are primed then directed with deliberately illicit, antagonistic “Strategic accusations” loaded sequentially to provide massive ongoing damage, forcing the defender to spend vast amounts of money to defend.

Fourth, remember, whatever accusations exist currently, further, more extreme accusations are almost certain to follow. When False or misleading accusations are employed, the first few rounds are often just to test the capacity and resolve of the accused. The initial denials and defence will usually show the accuser how to further tailor accusations in nature, severity and timing to exhaust your fighting and financial capacity. Very few false accusers stop at the first round.

Fifth, Our Family Law system is Adversarial based, therefore the biggest profits go to the lawyers who create the most Adversarial clients. Never forget, your accuser’s legal team makes very little profit from fair, rapid settlement. Legal Counsel businesses are paid to fight. The more individual actions and the more protracted the conflict, the higher the legal fees.

Sixth, understanding the nature of your accuser is crucial. False Accusers can be as diverse as the highly malicious woman who has targeted you for an attack, often many years prior, planning their own attacks to women who simply approach a lawyer for divorce advice. Lawyers regularly use carefully crafted phraseology to ensure adversarial mindsets. Phrases such as “You want to be able to care for your children properly, don’t you?”, “This is your Entitlement!” or “OK, we just start out this way to test if your partner will be fair to you and your children” or my other favorite is “If you don’t start this way, your partner will. You do want to see your kids, don’t you?” This type of psychological manipulation will get all but the most confident and hyper honest woman into gear to sign those forms. It takes professionals to know which lawyers use what tactics and to understand the mindset of your accuser.

Seventh, knowing what parts of a malicious accusation to defend, how to defend it economically and how to discredit the accusations is a job for someone with serious expertise. Tackling this defence alone is virtually suicide. As an example, if you can economically prove you weren’t at an accused location could save tens of thousands of dollars in DNA, Psychology, medical and forensics evidence. Trying to do this without correct direction will almost certainly either cause total defence failure or at best, cause spending copious quantities of cash unnecessarily.

This details the complexities of Violence Orders alone. You need the right advice. This isn’t a recommendation.

How do you have a clue who to hire?

A high level professional? Well yes, but does that mean a High ticket, Big name? Generally, my answer would be no.

Big name lawyers, not all, but very commonly, became that way by boasting Win/Loss or other huge statistical data etc. In most cases, the lawyers with the biggest names and tickets are the most adversarial. This works great for the attacker, not the defender.

As a Falsely accused male, there’s absolutely NO win for you. The best you can hope for is getting away by proving your innocence. What you generally need is a lawyer who legitimately believes in Truth and Justice, the real problem with that is damned near all the Social Justice Warrior lawyers are tightly owned by the Radical end of the Feminist movement or at best look after the genuinely abused female.

Who is even interested in defending an wrongfully accused male. The male will almost certainly end up bankrupt or close to it. There’s nowhere near the glory defending a wrongfully accused male than even a lying, manipulative unscrupulous “Poor mother”. Which looks better on a resume?

Your mission is to ask the right questions before engaging your lawyer to establish they’re;

  • Available to act
  • Understand the nature and likely motivator for the allegations
  • Have experience with similar accusations,
  • Has known strategies to amalgamate multiple allegation defences and prevent escalating allegations
  • Genuine desire to shut this down, economically,
  • Applying the most appropriate choices will be made on your cases timelines,
  • Mindset is strategical evidence rather than adversarial

Joke Of The Day

Q: Why can’t a feminist shoot a gun? A: They can’t handle the triggers.

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