Societal Division

How? Why? Cost?


Society is being driven apart by the massive confusion in societal expectations. Men aren’t allowed to be Men, well, except when a woman wants them to be! ……………………….. Huh? Has this guy flipped his wig?

I can answer No with massive certainty, the hair is all mine!…………….. Jokes aside

Before we start on how divided we are on Day to Day living, have a look what Feminist Scholars are teaching, The lady showing you herself is an active Feminist, Not a Radical Feminist

What is a man even meant to be now because even the Radical Fundamentalist manipulators, making all the demands can’t agree, so how the hell is a 14-15 year old lad meant to ever guess what’s expected of him? I’m going to give you one huge really obvious tip here, if 15yo boys can’t learn to communicate with girls, the belief they can’t communicate with them cements pretty quick. By the time they’re 18 or 19, if they haven’t had a girlfriend, they’re not likely to pursue. By then, they’ve found other things to enjoy. Funny enough, usually things girls aren’t that into.

There will be a few Alpha’s who work it out for sure. In every species, the Alphas rise to the top. There will also be a few guys that’ll do or say whatever they think they have to to win favour. These guys will spend an eternity in the friend zone, knowing which female likes a door opened and knowing which don’t. They’ll memorise who believes in what payment choices. He’ll have all the languaging just the way they’re supposed to have it and you can bet your bottom dollar, hell know where the toilet seat has to be. This is all because he’s praying for it one day. These guys are your typical SIMP (Suckers Idolising Mediocre Pussy). He”l spend half of his life trying for the “Sympathy Shag”. Even if he gets one, he’ll never be respected. After being stuck in the INCEL environment, he’s primed.

They’re “The Emancipated”. You can find them singing a few choruses of Helen’s “I Am Woman” at your nearest Radical feminist meeting. Eventually as a ladies biological clock will hits zero, an INCEL friend will hear her complain there’s No Good Men , he’ll jump up and down, waving his arms calling ME, ME, ME! Finally, realising she’s just never getting that Alpha underpant model, she’ll settle for “The Emancipated”. Well, until she has HER babies anyway.

His dreams will come true, if she wants 2 kids, he’ll probably get, well, maybe 3 months worth of oil changes – TWICE! She’ll only really care about him as a friend and maybe call him her Soul-Mate. Day to day frictions and lack of really wanting him take their toll and that’s the end of affection for him. Once the kids hit 2 or 3, who’s going to bet there’s a happy bone in his body?

Now here’s the really sad part. What do you think is in the drawer of her bedside table? Want me to tell you?

Self Help Books. A huge pile of whatever the current range of “Why am I not Happy” books. There will be books on Communication skills, Avoiding fear, Psychology, Positivity, Self Esteem and of course, The big O. That’s her realisation she picked the wrong bloke and she’s not happy.

How long is the average she reads these before she decides her lack of happiness is HIS fault? I’m curious, let me know. Now of course, if he’s left wanting all that time, he may have become careless with the toilet seat. Clearly, showing respect is now earning him ZIP (talking affection, not even sex) because contrary to female belief, affection is very important to most men.

There’s little to no doubt what happens next. He disrespected her with that damned toilet seat so…………….. she finds guides like these


She chose, yes CHOSE, to buy into the Radical Feminist, Man-Blaming, Man-Belittling, Entitled views that she shouldn’t just have more. She could have EVERYTHING! She bought the doctrine that Men aren’t equal, they WILL GIVE you everything you demand and took it as gospel. Record numbers of women are getting their eggs frozen if they’re not already divorced mums. Either way, that’s the fault of all males being evil tyrants isn’t it?

Why does this divide happen? Confusion? Lack of social morays? Inability to navigate added complexities? Escalating demands? Well, I’m no marriage counsellor. What I know is that it’s getting worse. Even though I love women, yes, I still do, I get they’re not worth the Legal risks. I’ll stick with cars, motorbikes, aircraft, SCUBA and other things with engines and wheels. The rules don’t keep changing, they tell me the parts they need and I can look at one bike while I ride another! If I do ride another bike, I don’t have to give them my house, my plane and all my other cars.

It’s just a much better equation. Simple math.

If you’d like to get a Heads Up on what a divided society looks like, seek out and watch the documentary Love and Sex in Japan . Ask yourself if that’s the future you want to leave your children? I’m not posting that video, it covers sexual issues but it’s worth a look. Selfish Power struggles have always led to either Civil war, Outright destruction or complete Cultural failure. EVERY time. Our fertility rate is way below the minimum to sustain our country.

What are we headed for? Buggered if I know and frankly I’m past giving a Flying #&@^ ! All I can do is publish my thoughts and beliefs. If I’m eventually judged a senile old moron, so be it! I’ve got my Toy box to play with!

Ironically, the closer men and women become in legal equality, rules, regulations and policy, the further they’re divided socially. The reason the disparity is so wide now is having gone so far past EQUALITY, where men no longer participate in family (especially child related) decision making and are actively penalised at law for just being male.

Does this make any sense at all? Well, yes, it does!

Let’s look at the root causes and drivers,

Do women even want a man?

What do women think of men?

How do women recieve men?

What are the benefits for a woman to have a man?

What are the benefits for a man to have a woman?

Is a marriage still a union or just Parallel Play?

Joke Of The Day

Q: How did the feminist die? A: Alone

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