Laugh Time?

To establish the Massive state of DV AGAINST WOMEN, a survey of 15,000 women was conducted. These were the questions asked if they wished to participate, (generally only dissatisfied people volunteer), to establish just how many PEOPLE are mistreating their female partners. NB: The answers appear to have been counted even when it was a female partner abusing anther female, which personally, I find pretty funny! Ironically, Female vs female violence was the largest reported violence demographic.

Here’s the truth behind the Survey Results – Then show exact opposite!

OK, we can all get too serious about all this, especially when we put our polarised hats on. There is at least one funny side to all this. If you’re ready to take your ANGRY Shoes off and put your feet up for just a few minutes, try this on!

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not playing down any genuine or real abuse. That shit needs to be dealt with, HARSHLY!

Please pay particular attention to the questions in italics.

  • Pushed, grabbed or shoved the respondent
  • Threw something at the respondent that could hurt them, or slapped, bit, kicked or hit them with a fist
  • Forced the respondent to take part in sexual activity against their will
  • Choked/strangled the respondent or grabbed them around the neck
  • Hit the respondent with something that could hurt them, beat them, stabbed them with a knife or shot them with a gun
  • Physically assaulted the respondent or hurt them in any other way
  • At least one form of physical or sexual violence
  • More than one form of physical or sexual violence
  • Average number of types of physical or sexual violence experienced
  • Constantly insulted the respondent to make them feel ashamed, belittled or humiliated; or shouted, yelled or verbally abused the respondent to intimidate them
  • Was jealous or suspicious of the respondent’s friends
  • Monitored the respondent’s time and made them account for their whereabouts
  • Used the respondent’s/shared money or made important financial decisions without talking to them
  • Interfered with the respondent’s relationships with other family members
  • Accused the respondent of having an affair
  • Tried to keep the respondent from doing things to help themselves
  • Threatened to hurt themselves
  • Damaged, destroyed or stole the respondent’s property
  • Threatened or abused respondent online or through the use of technology (eg mobile phone)
  • Stalked the respondent online or in person
  • Restricted the respondent’s use of their phone, the internet or the family car
  • Threatened to hurt the respondent’s family, friends, children and/or pets
  • At least one form of emotionally abusive, harassing or controlling behaviour
  • More than one form of emotionally abusive, harassing or controlling behaviour
  • Three or more forms of emotionally abusive, harassing or controlling behaviour (coercive control)
  • Average number of emotionally abusive, harassing or controlling behaviours

Here’s where my amusement really started. I still don’t know why but I thought about these questions being asked of every partnered MALE. I could only think of a single man that wouldn’t answer yes to many of these!

Now come on, seriously, think these through with every couple you know. If you can’t get a laugh thinking about this with all the people you know, you seriously forgot to take off your ANGRY shoes!

When you start thinking about the number of Guilt trips, Emotional blackmail and Controlling behaviours men deal with every day……………………………………..

Most of the italicised lines aren’t abuse for Males, they’re routine! In fact, after thinking long and hard, I know one couple and one couple alone that score a zero!

On the more serious side, the Anti-Male Radical Feminism movement constructed and led the government to be asking these totally polarised questions, specifically to feed their narrative. If that can’t be seen by Role Reversal, that’s pretty close to proof you just want to keep your blinkers on.

How much do you think this process cost you, the taxpayer? Would that money have been better spent supporting Covid failing business or helping mortgage relief for landlords that continued paying mortgages while tenants remained in houses without paying rent?

Given that roughly 2 in 5 Domestic Violence calls are the result of Men being attacked, why were only women interviewed? Secondly, what would the figures look like if 15,000 men were interviewed? Finally, a major flaw in the statistical data of that survey is that only women who wanted to participate are represented in the figures. Women who had nothing to report are far more likely to be dismissive of such a survey MASSIVELY SKEWING the figures.

Now when you’ve digested that, COP THIS!

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