Driving wedges between genders by promoting one gender over another causes alienation. Empowering any group of people over another leads to conflict. History has undoubtedly taught us that over and over.

If you want to widen the rift between males and females, at least be honest and call it that. If you want outright war, keep sneaking through little legislative changes that step us further and further from equality. All massive disparities end up in civil uprisings or civil wars. Look what it took to stop US slavery.

Be aware of the damage Radical Feminism (as opposed to Feminism groups who reject the ludicrous Tyrannical Male Patriarchy ideology) has already done to the fabric of society and the problems already created by either blaming men and patriarchy for everything or outlegislating them in order to take everything men stand for or earn.

The expectations being driven by Radical Feminism has our society on the ropes. The warning signs are everywhere. Males are even completely withdrawing from functional society. Huge proportions of young males have given up, they’re not even trying to push back any more because Feminist’s Male shaming, blaming & silencing tactics have eliminated all worthwhile communication.

Sadly, instead of hoisting the victory flag, they see this as a green flag to steam roll everything men stand for in totality. Men can’t even conduct a meeting to discuss men’s issues and funding without being shut down.

Warning signs Western Civilisation is on the Ropes

No Good Men

No Good Men is the most common complaint I hear from women of all ages. Women say they can’t find a decent man. I agree they can’t find a decent man! It must be true, terms like “Man drought” have been bandied around since the mid 80’s. If you click the link, you’ll get the story and the real reasons.

If you don’t want the truth, just keep whining, your feminist girlfriends will agree and you can spend another few dissatisfied years partying hard or getting depressed not finding your Richard Gere after wearing that thing out so bad only a simp would ever want it.

Seriously, why would a man of good value (say 7/10)marry you knowing how determined you’ve been to find a super top tier male for the last 10-15 years, refusing him as unworthy the whole time? Men who were rejected all that time, know you won’t be satisfied with them once you have them hooked for Child Support. Those long rejected good (6~7/10) guys know you’ll take all their earnings and their house once the pile of self help books convince you a better man would fix your chronic dissatisfaction. The longer mid class females convince themselves they’re perfect, (9~10/10) expecting a 6 foot plus, $100k+ income, fit, healthy, underwear model, sensitive, strong guy who wants to hear about your feelings, the longer they’ll wait. The older females get, the less desirable you become. Your Call !

Men aren’t as stupid as Feminists think. If we’re going to get skun and chopped into dog food, why choose a 30~40yo worn out one when we can be just as screwed by a 20yo Mail order bride that at least doesn’t demand emotional support while crying at RomComs. Think about it, which is more likely to satisfy us before raping us in the Family Court? At least the imports don’t have 2~3 generations of mothers teaching daughters how to set men up. Before shooting me for this, I have seen, with my own eyes, Feminists out CELEBRATING HARD when one takes their ex to the cleaners, celebrating how she took him for his house he paid for before meeting her.

Future for your Daughters

If you want your daughters to have real choice, there needs to be those freedoms in the country they are living in. The way we’re going, those freedoms just won’t exist.

Segregation and identity group superiority breed contempt and hatred. Just look at how long it has taken for current day black people in the USA to forgive whites who enslaved their ancestors. Slavery was outlawed (6-9 generations ago), by about 1865. Full legal equality is argued to have come (2-3 generations ago) between 1955 and 1970 depending what you read but equality will never satisfy people who either were genuinely (ie slaves) or just claim to have been oppressed. This article shows how being equal will never be enough. Every group in the world can Cherry Pick statistics to inflame rage and demand assistance, money, rights and protections others don’t have.

For instance any particular group can scream they’re over represented in prisons relative to population numbers, refusing to acknowledge their identity group commits more crime. Using a million manufactured arguments will never allow true equality to permeate society like it does with kids in a playground. I’ve never been to the States and claim no knowledge other than what I see on the idiot box. The article above is just a randomly selected sample, I claim zero allegiance to any group.

If you want your daughters to spend their lives dissatisfied and fighting, or if you want her to be caught up in protracted fighting by minority agitator groups, just turn a blind eye to what’s happening and let it run. Their outcomes are assured. If you want a peaceful world for your daughters, where men will want to marry and have kids with them, help us stand up to the prejudicial Radical Feminism patriarchal blame and bully game.

Future of the World

If Feminism is important to you. If you want your daughters to be allowed to practice feminism, you need a population and a government who allows it! This won’t even be possible unless we change trajectory, fast! OK, so now I’m a Doomsdayer? No. This is basic math. As VIKI said in I-Robot, “My logic is undeniable”.

There is no doubt whatsoever, if men won’t breed with you or your daughters, Western ancestored people will simply be outbred in just 1-2 generations, handing most countries to migrant civilisations who are breeding, fast! They will out vote westerners 3-1 within 40-50 years. Lucky for me, I won’t see it. I’m writing this in the hope my son doesn’t either. See the linked page

Destruction of Happiness

Is this what you want for yourself? Is this this what you want to teach your children? If it is, you’re very selfish. This simply isn’t a survivable model. This is just about snatching what you want now, at the expense of others, especially future generations! From the beginning of time right up until the early 60’s, we taught our boys to be men and our girls to be women, mutually raising families. Were there a few bad situations? Of course, no single model works perfectly but society generally created happy environments for child rearing. Is the current or future direction we’re on doing that? NO! Women are loosing and less happy, Men are loosing and less happy but worst is trying to find children in a respectful (even if not loving) 2 parent household.

The newest minority group is the child with supportive, caring parents properly looking after the physical and psychological balance of a 2 parent household. How can our current path create happiness?

Societal Division

If you haven’t already worked out how the current brand of Man-Bashing Feminist control is dividing Western society, maybe you need to take a look how that division is caused and at a country that’s a little further down the segregation road than us.

If that’s the future you want for your kids, Cool! I won’t be here to see it and my young bloke will almost certainly be educated enough by his own career to understand all likely outcomes.

Joke Of The Day

How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb A: None. Who needs a lightbulb when there’s a glass ceiling.

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