University Undermining

Incorrect University management is harming students, Western education standards, our desirability as world educators and society as a whole. Universities are undermining themselves and the entire Western world.

Far left wing, victimhood mentality is

One of the most representative embodyments of Western legal inequality between Males and Females is in the Universities of Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the USA. This inequality is being driven by the highly bias driven Sexual Assault complaint and hearings systems. These systems, especially with their total lack of due process make a complete mockery of fairness, equity, justice and safety. Not only are the proper protections not being afforded to students, the reputation of the universities themselves are being destroyed.

There can only be one set of rules for what constitutes sexual assault. Those rules must be the laws of the country and state where sexual interaction occurs. No other set of rules are legally applicable. How can a university determine what sexual behaviours are permissible between consenting participants of legal age? For example, if consenting participants both wish to engage in bondage, how does a university have the right to create consent rules prohibiting it. Early adulthood has been the age of sexual experimentation since enjoyment of sex began.

Individuals have the legal right to participate in sexual activity as long as they meet the relevant local laws. How can a university possibly apply different rules? If they do, those different rules must have written agreement of all attendees. Prior to implementation, those rules would have to have clear, measurable parameters including very specific limits such as prescribed Blood Alcohol Content limitations for consent. Those limitations must be fully defined, set and informed, long in advance. Accurately calibrated measurement equipment must be located in all areas horny students are likely to be in contact. Ill conceived, poorly defined Active Consent policies fail dismally not meeting those requirements. If an institution is setting rules other than local law, failure to set clear limits and accessible measurement methods allowing compliance would be displaying a Dereliction of Duty placing rule setters outside reasonable Duty of Care responsibility.

It has been proven many times, University administrators do not have the skills to investigate sexual assault correctly. Universities have had to authorise many settlements for wrongful actions. University administrators are not qualified in forensics, law, lie detection, investigative processes or many other elements to adjudicate Sexual Assault correctly. Universities are destroying lives, education, causing suicides as well as ending promising careers by trying to play Dick Tracy. They’ve proven they’re not capable and should be held accountable for the lives they’ve damaged and ended.

Females who are supposedly being protected by these non-law based processes are not being correctly protected by due process. If a female student is sexually assaulted on campus, what right does a university have to stand in the way of, or interfere with an appropriate conviction and full legal penalty. Both the larger community and any female who is legitimately sexually assaulted deserves full protection from a sexual offender, fully prosecuting them. Any proven sex offender, convicted correctly, should be placed on the local sex offender registry for communal protection.

Any male student sexually assaulted without having given the same consent level must be protected equally.

Universities are consistently accepting the unsubstantiated word of female accusers supported by no evidence

Universities are failing

The standard of education is failing. The female students especially, coming through these universities are becoming less trusted. Every employer looking for graduates sees what is occurring. Many realise the students are learning more about activism and agitation than their subjects. Employing either irresponsible males or untrustworthy, untruthful females can do more damage than the work they perform.

Some employers appear to be using very long internships and other unpaid or low paying methods to have graduates work for sustained periods to assess their risk. The old saying “A new broom sweeps cleanest” appears to be the reason employers refuse to commit to full employment until they’ve had a very long look at the trainee’s attitudes. The risks and costs involved in removing an entitled graduate worker who prepares detailed untruth’s to get what they want is now a massive risk to graduate employers. Similar risks apply to graduates who’ve seen others create fabrications to hurt others or to get what they want.

The ongoing battle for supremacy and power is seeing our male students consistently removed from their studies, in many cases prior to a hearing even being conducted. Where hearings are conducted, in most cases the hearings are worse than a Kangaroo court .

Ostensibly, the term comes from the notion of justice proceeding “by leaps”, like a kangaroo – in other words, “jumping over” (intentionally ignoring) evidence that would be in favour of the defendant

The hearings in most, if not many universities prohibit the accused obtaining legitimate defence information by banning defendants from even speaking with potential witnesses about the matter and disallow cross examination. This is a principle tenet of law. Most, if not many universities school investigators and/or police on both accuser interview techniques and interview information recording processes to use specific processes which massively disadvantage the accused and in many cases completely blocking critical information required for an unbiased hearing.

Most, if not many of the universities also school both interviewers and/or police on how to interpret observations in such a way to always minimise any possibility of a fair hearing defense. The universities coach investigators no matter whether a female keeps her story straight, keeps changing her story or even gets caught outright lying, all possibilities must be regarded as her being truthful. The universities instruct the investigator to commence the investigation with the belief the female is being truthful and to look for evidence or supporting information confirming her truth. The universities do not instruct investigators the accused is entitled to presumption of innocence. In many cases the male isn’t even interviewed before removal from the campus

Further destroying the international reputation of our colleges and universities is the apparent diversity of accusers and accused students. It appears the vast majority of accusations emanate from the most informed and knowlegable caucasian females who are either involved with Rape Activist groups or associated with other individuals involved with Rape Activist groups. Ironically, it appears the majority of the accused are from minority groups including Black, international, autistic and socially awkward students. It also appears, many of the accused not in a minority, are accused based on regret or guilt after sexual interactions with a female friends partner.

The level of protest activity is very quickly convincing the parents of international female students our universities are too dangerous, being incapable of safeguarding their daughters and unworthy of their fees.

The common knowledge level of injustice for accused students, is very quickly convincing the parents of male students, they not only may be throwing their money away but placing their son in a situation his reputation and mental health can be permanently destroyed.

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