Men’s Health and Survival Issues

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This page is to be dedicated to Social Issues faced by men.

We specifically aim to detail both requirements and Survival and Health difficulties men face. During this discussion, we aim to expound on the massive gender based differences and how enormous shifts need to be made now.

Our intent is not to take away from Female problems or to downgrade, detract from or downplay those issues faced by women. We shouldn’t need to clarify this but just talking of Men’s issues immediately and automatically seems to enrage Feminist groups.

Many, if not all of these issues are either rooted in or supported by an underpinning view Men’s lives and even men themselves are a disposable commodity. Traditionally, male lives have been sacrificed and traded off for financial and territorial gains. Whilst the world’s smaller population groups needed to bolster numbers, this was an appropriate tactic to preserve the child bearers. In times of over-population, this instinctivised cultural survival tool needs to be addressed allowing men’s lives to be considered as equally important.

Whilst equality, now also equity is the underpinning social justice demand, it’s certain men’s lives must now be held to the same importance as women’s.

Women’s groups have always used collaborative communication to establish fulfilment of their needs better than men, nowhere more obviously than in the arena of Women’s health. We need to enlist the assistance of women to elevate men’s health importance learning how to achieve equal Health prioritisation.

We need to reduce disparity by doubling down and bearing the same allegiance to our brothers as we do for our sisters, mothers and daughters. We need to challenge our traditional attitudes that men are disposable. This inequity is not just a men’s issue, it’s a human one.

Hand up before a Handout

The primary philosophy men need applied today is to offer a “Hand up before a Handout”. That’a a strong tilt on the standard phrase usually passed around with reason. Men don’t like to be given charity, both by nature and nurture. The new philosophy borrows from personal truths universal to most men.

Men’s genealogical background has rewarded individualism as well explained by Jordan Peterson’s Rule #1 on Lobsters. Compounding “Lobster law” is the teachings, world wide, across every culture I’ve looked at to teach men to look for and achieve their own paths, for men to achieve financial, social, performance based independance. Even the Quran teaches that “Each man should make his own way in the world”.

Why men need the different “Hand up before a Handout” philosophy, is because most men want to make it on their own. In most cases I’ve experienced, when men have compounding issues override or destroy their self worth, they crash harder. Men crash harder because of Cognitive Dissonance. When a man’s internal belief structure that he should be able to achieve is contradicted by his feelings, ideasbeliefs, and values, that things either in or around the environment won’t allow him to, his reactions will very often appear or become self destructive.

Why will men become more anti-social, withdrawn, aggressive or likely to commit crimes and use drugs? This is a combination of factors usually borne of the Fight or Flight instinct which becomes exceedingly heightened during psychological stress of conflicting beliefs.

Combining the internal dialogue demanding men achieve for themselves together with the reactions caused, men will most likely be benefited more from assistance to find their own paths rather than having their physical needs and wants handed to them. Generally, if men don’t feel as though they’ve hunted and caught their own outcomes, they’re less likely to find a long term satisfactory outcome.

Men will rarely ever by satisfied by someone else handing them what they need or want. That’s not to say they won’t accept it but it’ll only ever be a short term fix.

  • If a man can’t manage money, giving money will only ever be a Band-Aid. Teaching fiscal responsibility is far more likely to get his independence juices flowing again
  • If a man can’t find employment, giving money will only ever be a Band-Aid. Helping them find a passion they can earn from is far more likely to get his independence juices flowing again
  • If a man can’t maintain his possessions or property, especially if he isn’t succeeding financially, doing these things for him, again, you guessed it, is a Band-Aid. Teaching him how to solve these things for himself and to share skill sets with other like-minded men will build the all important confidence through competence

Men will very rarely be satisfied with handouts. They’re more likely to cause reduced confidence due to amplification of the feelings of inadequacy.

Men’s Issues to be addressed as Social Issues

  • Suicide
  • Workplace Death
  • Male Cancers
  • Drug abuse
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Financial commitment to Men’s health
  • Resources dedicated to Men’s health
  • Sexual Health issues
  • Cholesterol
  • Baldness
  • Penile Problems

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