Double Standards

Double Standards are applied by All genders. I’m saying all genders firmly and clearly in the First line.

Why? Because Double Standards have become the Ultimate Sin!

There is a little problem here. The Double Standard that Men’s Double standards are critically flawed oppressive tyrannical behaviour, designed as a construct to chain women to the bedpost. ie; Men are champions if they get plenty but women are sluts. I quote this because it’s the most bandied around. I’m no leading statistical data gathering group but it’s probably the most used because it’s one of the few double standards men used to believe. Here’s the truth’s attached to it. It was born of the desire to know the child you’re spending all day ploughing the field to feed is actually yours. Cuckoldry has been part of most societies for a very long time. Don’t want to believe? Check the volume of Cuckold related material when the kids aren’t round. There’s Rheems to be written on this double standard but like any double standard men choose to embrace, it’s been long beaten out of us. I don’t know a man in public today would admit they have such a view.

How does that apply to other genders? Where do we start?

Let’s dive right in and go with the Angry gays first. If I’m going to get hung, it might as well be for a sheep as a lamb.

Clear line drawn between responsible gays and Angry gays. Why is it acceptable that if Angry gays get out doing “Loud and Proud” Pornograhic Sexual displays publicly flaunting their anus and genitals, it’s called a Mardis-Gras? Conversely, if a straight male performs exactly the same Lude acts, it’s obscene exposure. An offence that carries jail time and life long inclusion on the Sex Offenders list! Especially for nudists, this Double Standard is highly offensive.

OK, lets go with Trans next. This is singularly the most repulsive one.

Why is it acceptable for both the Angry Gay and the Trans movement to sexualise the upbringing of everybody else’s children with their library and school impregnating So-Called education. They force reading of highly sexualised materials onto young children. One of the things I’ve come to understand is how damaging it is to force adult problems onto kids, especially using deliberate Brainwashing techniques. This, is onto kids that have no capability to understand the true implications or apply critical thinking let alone have no power to change it. They completely remove any other parent’s choices about age appropriateness, personal values or their choices on acceptance levels.

Where’s the double standard? Is that not ABSOLUTELY, IN YOUR FACE obvious? Nobody, but nobody has any right to determine what Trans or Angry Gay’s children are taught as ethics, behaviours or values. Why is it just fine for either a bunch of angry gays or Over sexual dressed Trans people to invade schools, libraries and pre-schools RAMMING their chosen, highly sexualised material down innocent kids throats?

Do I believe in open acceptance of Gay and Trans? Absolutely! and in my time as a parent, at age appropriate periods, I’ve put in considerable effort to teaching my son acceptance of most minority groups.

With those 2 out of the way as examples, lets look how double standards are actively tearing apart any chance of Male/Female relationships succeeding.

I’m looking for more examples of typical men’s double standards. Feel free to bring up more legitimate common ones for discussion. I’m AGREEING men do have them! It’s just that theirs are no longer acceptable or discussed.

The only one that comes to mind but you get crucified if you even think it now is

  • If a guy gets plenty, he’s a hero vs if a woman get plenty she’s a slut.

Female generated Double Standards, OK, here goes, I might as well sign my own execution order but here goes.

  • A man has to know what a woman wants, instinctively. How does this compare to “Men can’t communicate”?
  • Men need to be respectful of what women want vs. ?????? There’s simply no reversal statement ever heard.
  • Men need to know what women want vs. It’s a woman’s privilege to change her mind.
  • Men need to not just know but actively share in the cooking, washing, ironing, sweeping and vacuuming etc. BUT after he’s made those adjustments what about; Fix the car? – I can’t, I’d break a nail, Carry a box? – Oh, but you’re stronger, Fix the tap washer? – I don’t know how, Repair the hole in the wall? – Oh, but you have the tools. How many women do you think I’ve observed strongly exercising these Double Standards like Olympians? Am I saying women are useless? Absolutely not! They can do any of these jobs better than me if they want to. I know a few women in particular I rate very high because they practice equity. Two built themselves a great life with Real Estate (I’ve chosen one as a paid mentor), One built her own house (herself!) and another worked hard in her chosen industry, invested wisely then bought her own small farm while running a gardening business. Do those women demand what they want without earning it? NO! My own mum was fiercely independent. These women are the ones left holding our society together.
  • Men need to talk about their feelings vs. Men just aren’t men anymore.
  • We need to visit family more often for her family (if she likes her family) vs. We don’t have time for his
  • Female wanting to play her sport is for fitness and wellbeing vs. Male taking time away from family commitments is “Just Selfish”
  • Expectation of men to be strong vs. Men need to be more sensitive.
  • If a man and a woman put on the same amount of weight over 7 years, He’s let himself go, he’s no longer attractive, I feel no desire for him any more BUT He should love me just the way I am.
  • If a woman wants something a man really doesn’t want to give, out come the big guns, “If you loved me, you’d want to do ‘that’ for me”or “See, you’re proving you don’t care because you won’t”. Now would you like a laugh? Picture a man after 12 years of marriage, coming up to his birthday, wanting a “Special One” coming out with “If you loved me, you’d want to do “that” for me” . Dya reckon he’s going to get that birthday surprise? Suuurrree!
  • Spending on personal grooming and fashion for female vs. OK,OK, you get the picture

Why have the double standards benefiting minorities and women shown Jungle-like growth while Men’s double standards have been flushed? Simple, Media, especially Social media. If you control the media, you control the narrative. As a massive generalisation, men are out fixing the car, playing sport, building stuff in the garage etc. not concentrating on any of this. That makes it a certainty, straight men will be the softest target!

Funny, the genuinely independent /worthwhile women aren’t doing that either, they’re building, investing, constructing as well as working. They’re more likely to laugh at the stupidity with you.

The active Radicals are completely rewriting what we’re allowed to think, do and say . Fundamentalist Feminists are the most prolific in the agitation. The more this grows, the more men can’t be bothered playing with such a stacked deck and just walk away. Are you interested to see the most likely outcomes from this?

Joke Of The Day

Q: What size underwear have Feminists standardised on? A: Double Standard!

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