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Historically, Rape was actually a capitol punishment offence. Capitol punishment was still well and truly entrenched when every state removed it from being a crime you’d “swing” for. It was removed from the Capitol offence list for one reason. The sheer number of False Rape allegations by angry women wanting to punish a man for whatever reason she had to be very angry with him.

There were many cases where wrongfully convicted men were exonerated, but whoops, too late, after being hung, they always felt BLUE! I’m not meaning to sound flippant, just demonstrate False Rape (now Sexual Assault) accusations have been around for a very long time. Even over this last decade many, cases like this have continued.

The reasons are wide and varied. Anything from finding out a boyfriend was unfaithful to feeling guilty because they slept with their sister’s husband. A really common reason was a married woman caught having an affair would cry rape to save face with her husband. LY Lawyers quote these reasons are traditionally the most common.

  • A desire to gain an advantage in a child custody dispute.
  • A desire for revenge against a partner for reasons unrelated to sexual conduct.
  • A desire to force a partner to change residences.
  • A desire for attention or sympathy.
  • Embarrassment at having consented to sex
  • Fear of how others will react to a potential pregnancy.
  • Mental illness.
  • Lack of understanding about the definition of sexual assault.
  • Misidentification of the assailant.
  • Pressure by peers who believe that the accuser would not have voluntarily consented to sex.

Today, all of these still apply plus the newest and biggest driver, massive financial reward. You know it’s getting common when lawyers are marketing for the work. Financial Reward can be either Victim Compensation payments, Civil case sought or Family court driven such as the common examples below. Please understand, obtaining the kids early in divorce guarantees not just very lucrative Child support but the vast majority share of property.

False Sexual Assault and Rape allegations are skyrocketing. Be very cautious of the statistic data detailed chosen by Feminists for False Allegations. While the numbers they quote are accurate, they’re Cherry Picked numbers from critically flawed data collection. They are massively flawed because (and this statement is Self-Proving) they quote the numbers for “Convicted” or “Proven False Allegations” only while it’s policy of most authorities to not investigate False Allegations at all.

Here’s where you start to get just how insidious and devious Radical Feminist demands are and how they skew reality. Unless the rock you’ve been hiding under is the “Big Pebble” at Uluru, you’ll certainly know the law now doesn’t prosecute women for false DV or false Sexual assault allegations any more. Go on, ask why……….

Radical Feminists, pretty much worldwide, have now convinced authorities not to prosecute FALSE ACCUSERS, in case it discourages other victims (Real or More False Alledgers) from coming forward with their complaints! Yes, REALLY

Data of known or “proven False allegations” ranges from 2% to 10% of Sexual Assault allegations. Estimates of uninvestigated False Sexual Assault allegations range up to 80%. The real answer is no-one knows because the politicians and police have their lips glued so tightly to the Feminist’s arse’s they see nothing. All to buy Feminist votes!

From a female viewpoint, if you’re pissed off with a man (fairly or not pissed off) False allegations have everything to gain, nothing to lose. Especially today, where policy is to not even investigate False Allegations of Sexual Assault, why wouldn’t you do it? Look at the entire “Believe Her” and “Me Too” movements. Why is it this regularly commited crime not even investigated? I need to hear it one more time. Oh yeah, Poor defenceless women can’t possibly lie. Check the truth.

Here’s real irony, in the case below, where a female trying to have a perfectly respectable man, who’d built a woman’s dream home for her, she gets him imprisoned and nearly cost him his life. As an AFP officer, in jail, if he hadn’t been segregated in solitary like conditions, he’d have been dismembered.

At best, he’d have served 20 years. All this in a planned, premeditated bid to steal his house and life savings. Even with False allegations, collusion with crooked police etc, she still only served 2 years. Under today’s policies, she probably wouldn’t be prosecuted! If he hadn’t been a Federal cop with a great record, he’d almost certainly be dead.

Why would women NOT use this process to get a FREE HOUSE?

This is how bad a Male Victim story must get before Channel 9 will show a story!

One Way Media

We’ve all seen an endless number of Current Affair stories about Male Love Rats and I certainly agree, these men should be Flogged. I must ask why the equivalent Gender reversed stories don’t rate a mention? To get Current Affair to do a story where the male is aggrieved, he has to be viciously murdered in a nauseating premeditated manner. For any TV programs to do Male Victim story, watch how bad it has to get in the video above. Dan Jones was an AFP officer, imprisoned for false rape allegations. The False accuser was deliberately colluding with Police to take control of his financial savings and Real Estate. Thanks to Liz Hayes and one great cop, (my heroine) Det Sgt Leesa Alexander for standing up to this Massive Lie Embracing machine.

Pay careful attention to how the ABC try to paint the criminal as the victim. ABC need to be closed for consistent lies like this !

Of note is that Sarah Jane Parkinson, (now going by Sarah Jane White) was freed after her absolute minimum of 2 years. Having completely destroyed 3 lives, a marriage and causing an entire lifetimes earnings to be spent in legal costs ($680k approx) she gets a smack on the wrist like this. If a Male perpetrator did this, what would happen to him? Fertiliser maybe or in a tin of Dog food?

This premeditated fabrication of Domestic Violence below is the lowest offence against males I could find in Australian Mainstream Media. The story was an really easy one because the Male had already privately paid for all the investigative work, obtaining the evidence the Police should have found. The male, not only proved his innocence but proved the the Female’s Criminal False Accusations. The mans evidence also showed Police physically assisting her stealing his property. Did they ever charge her or the police with the theft? Sure! ACA did the story because Police refused to prosecute the female or even assist with the recovery of his property they assisted.

This isn’t a most audacious attempt. This is common, see the video above. Always, a free ride for women

This problem is now a worldwide epidemic of False Allegations being made by FICTIMS. You know it’s common when modern languaging creates a new word for False Victims.

Feminists and Mainstream media tout ridiculously low numbers of allegations as False. Why?

Feminists have convinced both police and SPINELESS politicians False Allegations should NOT be prosecuted. Why?

Because poor defenceless females may be discouraged from making the allegation. ………………REALLY?

What other CRIME, yes CRIME will not only be ignored but OPENLY PERMITTED inviting more CRIMINAL accusations.


These days, I won’t let a female in my house unless there are other people as witnesses. Yes, I have a few very long term female friends I trust, but, they have partners and are usually with their partner if they attend. Logically, why would I risk it?

How can I know if another person has library cards, accounts etc listed with my address. Today, with emailed accounts and Direct debit, there would be no bill.

Am I getting cynical? Well maybe, but in the past I’ve been lied to, I’ve had False allegations in court and been taken for money. There’s no tattoos on the liars and cheats foreheads. It’s just not worth the risk.

All it takes is for a smart lawyer to get behind a woman and say “Oh, this is normal, it’s how we always start cases” or You need to think of yourself, if you don’t do this your………..blah, blah. Sure, NOT all women are bad but SOME ARE.

Good women deserve protection from a very small percentage of bad men. Any reason the reverse REALLY doesn’t apply? SERIOUSLY?

Check out this one, a man accused of Raping a woman he’d never met, still no False Allegation charges!

This policy of not charging perpetrators for conniving malicious False Rape allegations is absolutely Farcical. The justifications appear to be it will discourage other Sexual Assault victims coming forward, ie; because some allegations are real, women can legally destroy men’s lives, get the imprisoned for up to 20 years, steal their money, assets and destroy their entire life’s income stream, all so a False Allegation criminal avoids a maximum sentence of 2 years. How do such unilateral interpretation of justice get made when women are supposedly equal but massively favored on every point of law.

If women get a FREE Criminal Pass on this as well as making men responsible for women’s choices etc, where do men get there balancing Free passes?

Here’s one a little different. Christopher Precopia stood accused of assaulting and carving an X into the chest of an Ex girlfriend with a box cutter amongst other lies. The really good part of this story, if there is one, is because it wasn’t a sex offense, the police will charge Faith Cox with making a false report to police.

While Christopher was facing 99 years imprisonment, Cox, his accuser can be sentenced to no more than 180 days imprisonment but at least they’re charging her. With false, deliberately contrived rape and sexual assault accusations, most legal systems, especially in Australia refuse to acknowledge or charge the False accuser

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