Entire website under construction. Right upfront, I’m not a writer’s bootlace but I see so much wrong, I have to try! I am looking for assistance from Non-Polarised people. Pages, links and info not yet correctly assembled, corrected or complete. Soon to be installed is a Forum platform.

To avoid potential litigation by Radical Feminist groups or their collaborators, this site is declared to be opinion

G’day People,

The is a serious attempt to harmonise Male/Female balance. This is a platform for discussion (and where needed, fair debate) of complete gender imbalance with media and judicial bias continually degrading and devaluing males. We promote discussion on how Man-Bashing behaviours, Male-Punishing laws and Radical anti-male feminist attitudes are destroying the fabric of our society. We support true balanced equality. We reject systematic bias for any gender.

We agree that until the mid 70s, the Western world didn’t have legal equality.

Here ia a reasonable explanation defining Fair Feminism from Radical Feminism

The purposes of this discussion is try to build a bridge between men and women by;

The intent is NOT to publish anti-female, derogatory, defamatory, name-calling (such as Feminazi) or any form of hate speech. These behaviours polarise hot harmonise. If you see these things on the site as it develops, please report it. For this site to be productive, it needs to be dealing with facts and data rather than fabricated ideologies, conjecture, misrepresented data or highly biased opinion.

Please, listen to the sentiment in this video. This is the attitude we need to promote. As the publisher, I’m not a reporter or an activist. I’m certainly no expert nor do I want to be. I just want to be responsible for bringing two warring sides to the negotiation table and help build a bridge. To succeed, we need all aggressors to see their own behaviour.

Please try to understand, nobody goes to these lengths to publicise an issue if they’re not frustrated. Where that frustration is showing, please try to understand the intent and point out unfairness politely with documented supporting research. (I’m currently editing my posts because some initial drafts sound inflammatory)

The very last thing I want this site to do is belittle, put down or minimise contributions made by women, devalue their competencies or contributions. Let’s be serious, without female societal contribution, society would have a very different face and without females, we’d be extinct!

Do you want to win the Battle or the War?

The very first question this site wants to propose. What’s more important? pick as many as you like or just one;

  • winning every battle?
  • grinding the enemies faces in the dirt?
  • degrading the enemy so they’ll never fight again?
  • annihilating any chance of the enemy to even speak?
  • taking control of every empowering utility, agency and service?
  • using every tactic to predict and preemptively immobilise the enemy?
  • block enemy communication?
  • victory is more important than truth, respect or honour
  • ensuring our army is so numerous and so well armed it can’t be challenged?
  • controlling the enemy so we can ensure peace?
  • demoralising the enemy with shaming propaganda, breaking their will to fight?
  • Winning the war?

Right now, this question represents Western society more than any time in history. During the biggest war in history, WW2, approximately 300 Million combatants were engaged in hostilities. The cost in lives is believed to be around 70 million. Depending on YOUR answers and choices, damage to Western society will be higher than WW1, WW2, Vietnam and Middle East wars combined. These wars wasted lives, resources and damaged the world very badly. Worse is right on our doorstep.

This question is designed to make you think about your goals. Do you want supremacy and control at any cost? Are you prepared to trade truth and ethics for victory? Are my personal or (identity group’s) wants worth more than society or humanity? Think through the inevitable outcomes of your actions.

Right now, western culture is crumbling and failing so badly, any other highly promoted “Catastrophe” including climate change, pales into insignificance. Climate change will be irrelevant if we don’t correct our behaviour – NOW!

Even running massive Non Judeo-Christian immigration policies, Western world country total fertility rates are averaging around 1.75/couple.

With Chinese, Indian and Muslim babies being born at a rate of around 4~6 to 1 western baby. Traditional western population is producing a fertility rate of around 1. That is 1 child per 2 adults. If things stay the same, Western culture will be gone in about 3-4 generations. It’s getting worse!

The only way to win the war is if we learn to get along and live harmoniously. Unilateral “Girlpower” running politics and running all the top 500 companies won’t make a lick of difference if men won’t have families with you or your daughters. All that stuff is dogma feeding profit for the Feminist Business model

Failing Birth Rates

It won’t last anywhere near that long! It can’t

Western men are walking away from Western women as fast as their legs will carry them. With bad treatment, ridiculous expectations, zero appreciation combined with Ludicrous Property, Parenting, False DV, False Rape Allegation and other Legal risk, why would they risk everything? What’s in it for them? The brainwashed Entitled, Angry attitudes of many Western women, combined with how unilateral the gendered power is now inside a marriage. Can men possibly find a worse deal? If a man is so determined to produce offspring, do they stand a much better chance with females from any other country or culture?

With Western men marching at an alarming rate, the Western fertility rate is set to halve or even quarter in THIS GENERATION ! That means next generation will see power in current western countries divided between Chinese, Indian and Muslim breeders. I implore you, do the research, Do the math. The only men passing on their genetics will be the weak pliable SIMPs and a few High level Alpha’s.

If we can’t get this sorted inside 5~10 years, the culture that actively supported Feminism will suicide because Radical Feminism wasn’t reined in once equality was established. Statistically, women who want to leave serious partnering until they’ve achieved all their career wants are far more likely to become dissatisfied in a relationship, boot the man out and wipe the floor with with him and take all his future earnings. At the moment, men cannot possibly define which women will destroy them at the drop of a hat.

If you really believe women should get everything they want and happy for that to be at the expense of society and believe men’s choices or wants don’t count, well, just turn off the lights now because the future is determined

Why are we destroying our culture?

Regardless of how savage Feminist attacks are on men, masculinity and male existence, men’s actions have consistently proven the myth of uncontrollable male patriarchal violence or dominance untrue. Undeniable evidence of this broken myth is shown every time men’s groups are invaded and violently obstructed. Men respond with QUESTIONS or making memes ! With Feminists completely eliminating masculinity, why would men want to be near Radical brainwashed women let alone have a family with them?

Here’s what a strong feminist says after meeting and listening to Men’s issues.

Details and information in this site, as far as practicable are statistic and data backed, therefore, this site will be damaging to the Radical end of the Feminist movement. The publishers anticipate both Cancel Culture and deliberate discrediting attacks as well as cyber and Hacking attacks. We’re exposing shameful methods being used to fabricate misinformation specifically to disgrace Males. Most women know this mis-information to be not just false but damaging. We need to join forces to combat the devastation to society this brainwashing is causing

We know and understand most women don’t subscribe to the misinformation being pumped out by the Fake Domestic Violence profit machine. Conservative and traditional Feminists often oppose Fundamentalist Feminism because of the damage they do to collaborative life. Traditional feminists are even subject to death threats and pet murder for opposing the new Radical feminist lies.

We aim to unite Men and Non-Radical women to oppose the onslaught to functional society Radical Feminism is causing. We aim to engage Radical Feminists to discuss and offer legitimate evidence to their claims and statements. We especially invite evidence to support claims where we debunk them in case our data requires correction.

There are plenty of sites for anger, hate speech etc. both anti-male and anti-female. If that’s what you want to read or post, please, refrain from doing it here. This site is to promote true EQUALITY without disempowering women or men.

To offer shortcuts to your particular areas of interest, here’s the topics currently published or where publishing is underway.

So why put this together or try to promote legitimate conversation on these topics? Hatred is the most destructive force on earth. The damage already is near irreversible. Don’t listen to me when A Holocaust survivor can voice it far better than I. If you think what we’re doing now is working, take a look at the next video. We need conversation like the video above to form cohesive society rather than blatant bullying. I can’t do this on my own or watch the World’s annihilation, I need support!

I’m begging you, come together and listen to each other. Look for genuinely EQUAL opportunities and value structures. Listen intently and strive to comprehend the other person’s needs. Obviously, if a particular group won’t listen honestly in return and just demands, walk away and find those who will. If you can find no-one to listen in return, try harder or accept societal failure!

I pose the question, What would happen if men bullied women as demonstrated below, let alone responded with equal aggression?

This is what happens when Feminists won’t allow men to discuss their own issues.

This is just a few basic facts why this site exists. We hear so much about Women’s Rights and whilst we don’t want to detract from the great work the early Women’s Liberation movement did or retract any true equality legislation, These, and many other Men’s issues need to be considered as well. Male Lives Matter.

This site is a sister site to https://equalitybalance.com.au (Australia) which is dealing with local Australian and Western World only issues. That site is less complete

Mens Equity (.com) is intended to deal with international Gender Equity issues including addressing oppressed females of Non-Western countries as well as re-leveling playing field balance has tipped once oppression has been more than dealt with. Mens Equity Australia (.com.au) is intended to deal with Australian issues

If you would like to understand the publisher’s mindset and reasoning, please see the Publisher page.

Joke Of The Day

Father: Wear your jeans! There are too many mosquitoes outside.
Feminist daughter: Don’t tell me what not to wear. Punish the mosquitoes if they bite.