Equal or Victim?

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This is what I call the behaviour of sitting both sides of the fence. Ie: I’ll play the All Powerful, strong Liberated, Empowered female when it suits and then play the Poor, Hard done by, disempowered victim when it suits

No question, that’s just playing dirty. You either want to be equal or you want to be the victim. Play both sides, Men do exactly what you don’t want. They’ll treat you as an untrustable sex toy or walk away, maybe both

The vast majority of Radical Feminism legislative control is firmly entrenched using this behaviour

  • I’m a strong responsible independent woman but if we divorce you still have to give me all your money because I can’t provide for myself
  • I’m liberated and responsible and can demand sex but if I’ve had a few drinks, I can’t give permission so you raped me.
  • As an Equality based female, my timing choices are law if men argue for their choices it’s Domestic Violence
  • As an Equality based female, looking at me the wrong way is Domestic Violence but not if I use the same look
  • As an Equality based female, asking me to contribute financially is abuse but I demand it of you
  • You need to share all the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning but I’ll break a nail if I help fix the car, build the kids cubby house, mow the lawn or fix the heater, they’re men’s jobs
  • Till hitch, sex is great, gimme more, after hitch, I’ve got a headache, Not in the mood, why do you always bug me for it?
  • As an Equality based female, men can’t spend my money but money men make is family money for me to spend. If they don’t agree it’s Domestic Violence
  • As an Equality based female, I’m allowed to make you feel crazy legally but if you make me feel crazy that’s DV, again
  • You need to ask equality based females for permission but equality based females don’t need to obtain permission
  • I’m a strong independent woman but men need to do all the approaching, risking rejection
  • I’m a strong independent woman but men need to mindread whether they pay or we go dutch. I can’t communicate it.

If you think this is wild exaggeration, check the Duluth Model page first, then the Active Consent page.

Again, I have seen this behaviour exercised by Male and Female however, my observations are that it’s far more prevalent as a female behaviour.

Having said that, I grew up with top examples from birth observing (as a recipient) this behaviour from both a highly abusive mother and a highly abusive physical and psychological tormenting older sister. I was terrified of my sister until I could match her physically. Right then, the very first time I could restrain her from abusing, she played the “Don’t hurt your poor sister” card after beating, spitting on me and psychologically terrorising me for 12-13 years.

Under today’s rules, that first time I held her wrists and stopped her abuse, I’d be arrested for brutal violence.

Now if you want to understand the psychological torment this behaviour sets up in an abused males mind, read at least the first paragraph in the link about Cognitive Dissonance then ask yourself how a male is supposed to reconcile how he can be physically and psychologically abused, then expected by society to treat all women, including their abuser with the highest respect. Ask yourself how the male mind can possibly be comfortable and relaxed dealing with the Double Standard that are entrenched law under the Duluth Model based law.

If you have a genuine response other than “Just Man Up”, “Men are just Pussies”, “You men need to work out how you fit” or my personal favourite “Women have been abused and oppressed so long, you deserve it” type response, I’d seriously like to hear it. I’m asking because I’ve never been able to reconcile this and want to.

With all that heavy shit said, while you’re thinking about a response, let’s change gears and have a laugh together at where this stuff leads.

Joke Of The Day

Young Girl: Daddy, I want to be a Feminist when I grow up. Daddy: That’s nice dear. You’ll have to choose though, you can’t do both.

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