I started this project because of my frustration at the unwarranted rising Anti-Male bias in our society. Starting led to research showing seriously credentialled experts have been writing about this topic for a lot longer than I understood.


To start this section, we really need to comprehend the difference between the term “Expert” an “Knowledgeable” then understand the dangers of confusing the two. Being the holder of knowledge does not mean you are Expert. As an example, I personally have studied Automotive suspension, Turbocharging, Chassis tuning, I have repaired and restored cars and motorcycles. I’ve performed bodywork, spray painting, mechanical work etc, etc. I’d consider myself knowledgeable. To people with very little Automotive background, I would appear to be “Expert”. Therein lies the real danger.

The linked definition says, “An expert is somebody who has a broad and deep competence in terms of knowledgeskill and experience through practice and education in a particular field.” My automotive knowledge is narrow and shallow only understanding the areas I’ve studied or worked on specifically. I lack the formal education or breadth of experience across a wide array of vehicles. I can be seen by some to be expert but if I start advising as an expert, I could steer people wrong very badly, creating massive danger to all road users by not understanding ALL Implications.

Radical Feminists regularly show information sourced from people who are very knowledgeable, especially, in how females can be better served. They rarely show information from legitimate experts with the breadth and depth of understanding including professional practice and education. A great example of this is what the Radical Feminist movement has pushed to obtain as the new standard called Active Consent. Their demands are seriously unworkable and completely impossible to apply over a lifetime.

My intent with this section of the site is to provide “Expert”, qualified or researched data and informed knowledgeable opinion. I want to demonstrate how knowledgeable Radical and Hard-Line Left-Wing supporters are presented as “experts” to control or at least dominate the Mainstream media. Where local Australian information has been difficult to source, I’ve referenced information from countries with similar cultures and laws to our own.

I’m dividing this data into categories to avoid a complete Mish-Mash of unrelated areas. This way, you can go straight to your area of interest.

  • Control of the media to suggest a large proportion of men are aggressive, bullying, dangerous, degraders of women.
  • Control of languaging with deliberately degrading terms like Mansplaining, Mansplaying, Manbaby, Manterupting through to insistence of ridiculous change like Mail-box to Post-Box.
  • Control of the judicial system, including Police, Family law and Criminal law
  • Continual reduction of females to be responsible for their actions. (using emotion, drugs or alcohol to eliminate responsibility)
  • Continual shifting of behavioural boundaries (from leaving toilet seat down to knowing whether a particular woman likes or dislikes a door being opened for them)
  • Manipulative guilt inducement (If you loved me you would want to…., If I was important to you, you would…….. )
  • Complete control of what behaviours are acceptable in any house.
  • Males are now “Overpowering” the woman rather than disagreeing if his view must even be heard, let alone accepted. This one needs no supporting expert info here. Just Google Narcissist on youtube and you’ll find every single man that walks within 300 metres of a female is a disgusting pig who lives and breathes with no purpose in the world other than overpowering, degrading and oppressing females. Did I really say that out loud? Remind me to correct it. Fair Dinkum, the amount of rubbish on that research topic alone broke my modem!

Specific Experts we’ve already got pages for are;

At the bottom of the page is the current list we want to build pages for

This is how the Modern Feminist uses her children to prove how right and how much of a victim she is. Just ask yourself, If kids are subjected to this, let alone having to act it out, what chance is there of happy boy/girl interactions as kids, preparing them for adult relationships?

Expert or Knowledgeable?

I haven’t found details yet whether Elizabeth Hobson is an Expert or just really knows her stuff. Either way, she has some exceptional insights into how complete untruth and deliberate misrepresentation is destroying our amenities, our employers, our services, our criminal and Family law systems. She shows how this is destroying the fabric of our society

Experts and knowledgeable people whose content we want to show

  • Bettina Arndt
  • Christina Hoff Sommers
  • Cassie Jaye
  • The Right Honourable Ann Widdecombe
  • Professor Janice Fiamengo
  • Erin Pizzey
  • June Lapine/Shoe0nHead
  • Kate Andrews
  • Karen Straughan
  • Sydney Watson
  • Daisy Cousens
  • Lauren Southern
  • Miranda Devine
  • Tomi Lahren
  • Youtuber – awks_pew_roo
  • Camille Paglia
  • Anne Coulter
  • Michelle Dewberry
  • Janet Bloomfield
  • Edwina Currie
  • Romina Boccia
  • Dr Elizabeth Celi
  • Dr Helen Smith
  • Karin Agness
  • Mona Charen
  • Diana Furchtgott-Roth
  • Lauren Chen
  • Inez Stepman
  • Carrie Lukas
  • Phyllis Schlafly
  • Alex Clark
  • Weebo Jones
  • Hadley Heath Manning
  • Laura Ingraham
  • Julie Borowski
  • Brittany Sellner
  • Candace Owens
  • Akancha Srivastava
  • Arielle Azur
  • Kara Bell
  • Jennifer Moleski
  • Blaire White
  • Nadia Cairns
  • Dr. Tara Palmatier
  • Diana Davison
  • Allison Tieman
  • Rita Panahi
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Dr. Karlyn Borysen
  • Jayne Jaye
  • Loren Murray
  • Karen DeCrow
  • DeAnna Lorraine
  • Cathy Young
  • Mercedes Carrer
  • Senator Anne Cools
  • Dr. Tonia Nicholls
  • Judith Sloan
  • Emily Hewertson
  • Caroline Kitchens
  • Sally Satel
  • Youtuber – Barbara4u2c (214,000 Subscribers)
  • Zara Faris – Author Women’s without Feminism
  • Elizabeth Hobson
  • Barbara Kay
  • Matthew & Doris
  • Ava Brighton
  • Faith Goldy
  • Marianne Azizi
  • Greta Aurora
  • Shmufkin TV
  • Tara Babcock
  • Youtuber – ABitOfBritt
  • Xiaxue
  • Tori Hadley