This page is largely a directory or index page helping you find Feminism related topics.

Feminism, the Enemy?

This is a page detailing what Feminism is, brief Feminism history and how it functions, click the link.

Silencing Men and Boys

Feminists regularly use bully tactics to outright violence to deal with or shut down anyone disagreeing with the tenets of their ideological doctrine

Feminism Business Model

Feminism is a Multi Billion, (yes, Billion, that’s nine zero’s) business. If you think that happens without very clever business minds pulling the strings and yes, making demonstrative profits, you have another thing coming.

Many, if not most of the industry hide their wealth generation behind charity, company and trust structures. Many, if not most of the public face companies and trusts are registered as either Non-Profit or Not For Profit status but that’s nothing more than a tax dodge.

Are there Good Feminists?

Yes, The vast majority of Entitled, Demanding, Man Hating Feminists are correctly termed Radical Feminists. Radical Feminism has many off-shoots and specialisation sectors. Nearly all damaging feminism comes from ideologists believing in the overarching concept of a Tyrannical Patriarchy set up for the purpose of oppressing women.

Male Privilege, Real or not?

This is what a realistic Feminist has to say about Male Privilege

Is Islamic Rule as oppressive to women? Well maybe. Another question is whether it’s more oppressive to men. Karen below is always very researched on facts and detail, not just on facts but the when, where how and more importantly, why. These answers might be very surprising

Where is the End Game Radical Feminism wants

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