Kangaroo Courts

Kangaroo Courts are designed to bypass or short-circuit legitimate justice. Here’s how and why.

Will a new TEQSA CEO help the situation? If not, Men must form a Male only Female Exclusionary Education system. Without that, our male students will continue to be thrown out of our universities ensuring complete Feminist control of Universities and a near guaranteed Female only graduates.

Feminist control of the new standards they’re trying to peddle are even looking at a female constitutes Sexual Assault. The latest National Student Safety Survey is reported to now include how even loitering or staring (as perceived by self reporting victims) now classifies as Sexual Assault, along with asking a girl out more than once is or asking for sex even in line with (the impossible to comply with) Active Consent rules. Even prior surveys included results if a student was touched by a public transport patron on a train on the way to university. So according to this new survey, a female student wear her miniscule bikini on the train to university, then if stared at by a member of the general public, can include that in the survey purporting Sexual Assault.

Obviously the surveyors were very disappointed with their 0.8% report results from their ridiculously wide interpretation sexual assault survey in 2016. Their seems to be a sheer determination to convince more females they are or have at some stage been victims and therefore report higher incidence numbers of even more absurdly defined “Assault”.

One massive shift guaranteed in this survey obviously to obtain higher survey results is a request to report if they had witnessed anyone else being stared at on campus? Here’s where results can be massively multiplied because if one person appears to be staring (maybe even innocently a male or female, immersed in their own daydream), if 20 people see that event, that becomes no one but 20 separate reports of apparent separate incidents . It really seems the survey designers are only interested in creating completely ludicrous results and are determined to openly misconstrue Non-Sexual events as Sexual Assault, then multiply those numbers requesting multiple reports of a single Non-Sexual act.

MensEquity is calling for the designers of this survey to be pursued for wasting Taxpayer’s money and trying to pervert the course of justice. No survey could possibly misrepresent findings with any objectivity in it’s design.

Every time the Australian Human Rights Commission conducts a survey, they find more ways to imply males are committing Sexual Assault, then find ways to encourage multiplied reporting of single events to the point there really only seems to be one logical outcome to stop this deliberate male degradation being systematically being performed. Reintroduction of Gender based education facilities.

Segregated, gender based facilities would benefit everybody involved. Click this link to see why.

Feminist groups have long desired to change the level of proof for sexual Assault and Rape charges worldwide. Unlike any other criminal charge, Feminists believe men should be convicted completely on the basis of a female accusation. Feminists have been campaigning for years to have the judicial system changed so a man will be convicted based on the “Balance of Probability” which is used for low level offences such as traffic or shoplifting, rather than “Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt” as it is for EVERY serious crime. This gets even more ridiculous with the completely unworkable ACTIVE CONSENT feminists are pushing . Essentially, that means if a man cannot prove he had consent and consent wasn’t withdrawn, (How do you prove that?) then based simply on the credibility of the accuser, the man’s life is, well, finished!

Even the Radical Feminists know that’s a very long bow to draw so they found several ways to condition people to acceptance. First, Mass-Marketing of the idea men are vicious tyrannical Women beating patriarchs, hell-bent on terrorising poor innocent females. With support from the massively Left-Wing media, they’ve bullied sympathising Left-Wing Universities into believing they must shoulder responsibility and set up Independent hearings to preside over all accusations.

Another Male’s life permanently destroyed by False Allegation

This firstly causes unqualified people to be making decisions about Male student lives, based on Non-lawful processes, without lawful procedures, ensuring points of law or correct evidence are virtually irrelevant. This process is removing innocent males from university studies at a ludicrous pace, hence, ending their professional careers all without any evidence or legitimate process. Under these hearings, if a male has or is even accused of having sex with a female, his entire life will be severely damaged. The new tool recently added is if a female has, (or states she has) consumed alcohol, the Male (and only the Male) has automatically committed Sexual Assault, even if she agrees the male didn’t see her drink!

Why are the Radical Feminists so determined to do this? See below the video for why.

Research shows Several reasons

  • First, they want to condition the public to accept burden of proof doesn’t count where Feminists don’t want it to.
  • Second, Radical Feminists want it believed women never lie (Me Too and Believe Her Movements)
  • Third, University positions and qualified professional roles are valuable. Every male removed provides space for a female
  • Fourth, Every removed male reduces the number of qualified professional males forcing selection of female workers
  • Fifth, Radical Feminists believe men don’t deserve fair justice when accused by a female.
  • Sixth, Complete empowerment of interactions. If men are scared of being turned into fertiliser based on nothing more than accusation, they don’t just become cautious of interaction with them, they become truly subservient.
  • Seventh, If males know they can be turfed out of university after years of study based on nothing more than False Allegations, less males will even attempt higher education.

People who are relatively new to this think in the “here and now”. People looking at a single law change or injustice, don’t see the big picture let alone the Long-Game. Feminists are fighting this as a long term war

All Far-Left Radical (Especially Human Rights Activist) Groups understand Rome wasn’t built in a day. They also understand if you try to group huge changes or make massive change in one step, opposition will be large. The people designing the process of change are happy for incremental change to occur gradually. This allows the changes to be slid through with the least opposition, gaining the maximum leverage with long-term purchase. The process is similar to the behaviour described in Escalating Demands.

Where too much opposition is met, the movement (this is why they use the term movement) simply slows or changes path. They always try multiple paths to the same goal, probing to see where the least resistance occurs.

Feminist pressure has found less resistance or resolve with universities due to their Far Left-Wing nature rather than the Judicial system. If we allow the University or any other Independent Hearing system to continue, that will eventually be used to call for Judicial change based on precedence. This change has already occured in Tasmania and NSW Australia.

Is there a reason the war is being fought like this? Yes.

The only logical conclusion is by removing as many males from positions of power by all possible means, all policy and legal decisions will be Female based.

Joke Of The Day

Q: Why did the feminist fail algebra? A: She couldn’t solve inequalities

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