Measuring Failure

I’m open to listening to other people’s ideas on how societal success and failure is measured. We’ll also need more ways to measure success. At this point, I’m open to suggestion

This is a range of topics indicating to me our society is on the precipice of complete failure.

  • Inability of women to find acceptable partners
  • Inability of men to find accepting partners
  • Inability to maintain relationships
  • Borderline irreversible fertility drop
  • Complete dissatisfaction of a growing portion of the population

Lets take a look at these individually

Inability of women to find acceptable partners

One of the fastest growing demographics is women who want children but can’t find a partner. Australia wide, women are getting their eggs frozen. This trend started gaining popularity around 20 years ago when serious career women knew they were close to menopause. Today, this is becoming very common among women from late 20’s on.

A normal Australian male just doesn’t meet the specification. That all miraculously changes as her clock ticks down. Once a female starts getting really clucky, those unsatisfactory males start to become mildly acceptable. Well, acceptable enough to accept, for now. The massive truth? They’ve shown complete disinterest in any males wants or needs until that biological function needs his assistance. So I really need to ask, other than ALL of the RISK, what does he get from this equation? Average stats are every second weekend and just above bankruptcy existence. WOW, book me in!

So why not go it alone and be a legitimately independent working woman with children? Really? If you can’t answer that, you don’t want the truth. Yes, she may kid herself he’s a good obedient husband but she’s already played all her trump cards. She doesn’t want a man, she needs a sperm donor. This is neither the woman nor the timing most real men want.

This set of behaviours is so self-centric it renders these females, well, frankly, very undesirable. If Mens wants, needs and desires aren’t important to her, let alone team-worked into joint choices, why would a High-Value male submit to this?

What I find so ludicrous is while men are being completely devoid of any participation in Family based decisions, instead of asking men why they won’t rise to the demands or give exactly, all of her choices, according to the Radical Feminism narrative, this is all the proof you need. Men are Tyrannical Patriarchs who all overpower and abuse women.

The more women believe they have the ability to have everything, all on their timeline, including running at least 50% of the top 100 companies, while being super-mum, while being the aerobics master, there’s no chance. The men answith total expectation harder working, more committed men and women who choose to go after those Uber leadership positions usually work 70-90 hours per week, starting before they complete their degrees. They usually take very little time actually off even on their holidays. They usually don’t stay married and rarely attend childs’ functions let alone take a 4-7 years out for child bearing, then work 40-45 hours per week for a reasonable Work/Life balance.

Inability of men to find accepting partners

This answer is absolutely no mystery at all. Blind Freddy could see this coming. Women have conditioned men to believe they’re both unworthy and unwanted. Don’t believe that one liner? How about we follow just a little simple logic and consider how women would feel if these behaviours were all reversed.

Huge and growing percentages of males are classifying themselves as either INCEL, MGTOW

To get near a female today other than as her play toy, the under 30 male must be;

  • Politically correct,
  • Supportive of women,
  • Well built,
  • Have a great financial future,
  • Be accepting of all her choices,
  • Accept her imperfections,
  • Be sensitive,
  • GIB,
  • Be a man,
  • Cry at the appointed time, (but not others)
  • Lets not forget good looking.

He must agree to her biological clock timing, agree with her career timing choices, accept her career comes first except till she decides it doesn’t,

Does this fit with what men want? Who knows. Nobody even asks them!

If a man has half a brain, reproduction has to be early. That way on the higher than even odds he gets creamed, he has a chance of recovery in later life, as long as she doesn’t use False Allegations destroying his career. If he’s 40 when she has say 2 kids at 35, the asset base he accrued before fertilisation is now hers and his entire income over existence status is gone. Even as a mid level professional, he eats dog food in front of the TV till his paupers funeral.

With an average lifespan of just 12.2 years, Why would men place their eggs in that basket with zero ability to recover? It remains a reasonable decision for men with no assets and questionable earning capacity.

Most males know today women are, more often than not, happier without them after the breeding cycle. Divorce and surveys prove that. Men then have to accept less than 50/50 odds he won’t be turfed within a few years of fertilisation. Most men also know (praying it doesn’t but are aware) once the breeding cycle is done, Boombaroomba will most likely become Birthday and Christmas list items as long as he never misses on the toilet seat position.

OK, so let’s do a cohabitation agreement (CA) to give the male some chance at a life, yeah? That’s fair? Great idea, the Family Court have that sewn up. The FC have complete choice whether a CA is even considered. It’s widely understood if a CA puts a father in a better position than he’d be without it, the agreement will be Set-Aside. It’ll almost certainly be upheld if it places the mother in a better position. Even funnier is the Family Court considers them “dissipated” after somewhere between 6-10 years if they benefit a male that had substantially higher property prior to cohabitation.

Every westen male knows the cost once turfed, frankly, no matter how you butter the bread, women know it better. That’s why Australian men are so targeted by Russian and Asian Mail Order Brides.

Inability to maintain relationships

Logically, there’s only one core reason over 90% of marriages fail. Yes, some fail for major reasons like serial infidelity, financial theft, violence etc. We can argue all day on how many of each of that 10% is male or female caused so let’s talk about the 90%

The legal term is irretrievable breakdown of marriage, which really means love is gone and one of you just doesn’t want to be with the other any more. The first thing I hear is Oh no, it was mutual. Horseshit! The only reason it becomes mutual is because one decided they’re out, maybe gradually, but hasn’t announced it yet.

That starts with fault finding, demanding more, becoming unresponsive and generally pushing the other away. Over time, that behaviour escalates. If the person who wants to stay doesn’t get the hint and really pushes to save the marriage, things usually get worse progressively. Once in a blue moon, the “Leaver” will realise they’re not getting anything better (other than all the money) and status quo to continue.

So think about this, when they go to marriage counselling, who’s going to make all the concessions? The “Leaver” is ready to go anyway, why would they give anything? The more the “Stayer” gives, the less the “Leaver” respects them. They “Stayer” usually seen as begging. With respect lowered further, how long will that new favour gained last? Not long! It just becomes the new expectations.

The person with the highest expectations is near universally the one who wants to leave.

This often ends up being seen by (neutral) onlookers as a Spoilt kid scenario where all a kid has to do is yell, scream or cry long and hard enough and they’ll get the Playstation to sit between the Gamecube and the XBox . The “Leaver” support team will congratulate the “Leaver” on their strength and commitment for standing up. Stereotypical Echo Chamber behaviour.

Why do I say this? As a not so young observer, I’ve seen this pattern directly and indirectly more times than a dog’s got hairs. It’s been standard game since the 80’s (yes, that’s last century!) at least. I wasn’t watching before that. Over the last 2 decades, the dissatisfaction is coming thicker, faster and over smaller things.

It’s always been said “The first casualty in any war is truth”. This last decade, that has taken on a whole new meaning. Between blatant misinformation campaigns, False Allegations, Mandatory AVO’s considered Standard Legal Practice, how can a marriage recover once this starts?

The sheer fortunes being generated between the False DV marketing and Lawyers encouraging dirty play at the first hint they have a case, Seriously, how can a marriage work?

Borderline irreversible fertility drop

As a country and a culture, I’m going to just say it how I see it. We’re FUCKED!

The DV Feminists at the top are never going to stop driving the Rocket Ship they’re on, they’re making $MILLIONS out of it. They don’t care about the country They don’t care about our cultural survival They certainly don’t care how your boys or girls live, They’ve proven they don’t care about their militant followers because they see the egg freezing, divorce rates and total unhappiness then push harder. They certainly don’t give a shit about satisfied women.

These people are making a fortune in one of the highest profit margin industries ever. In Australia alone, they get $HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS and what do they make, build or supply? You got it, Subversive misinformation that even the majority of women aren’t buying. Why would they turn that money tap down even, let alone off? Have the UBER rich or WARLORDS ever cared about the proles or do they just force them into battle?

Take a look at Future of the World and please, send me some comments, information or references to show me how this can be fixed? It’s past my pay grade!

Complete dissatisfaction of a growing portion of the population

The single biggest indicator of a country’s success is whether the people are happy. I’m asking you, do they look happy?

  • Does a woman smile and appreciate the attention if a man approaches her or does she now immediately challenge his motifs or method?
  • Do couples work together as a team any more or do they just Parallel-Play?
  • What percentage of people do you know who still think of marriage as for life?
  • What percentage of men will no longer even approach a lady he likes?
  • If you just plain ask married people if they’re happy, what percentage of positive answers will you get now?
  • How many women are actively saying they don’t want to bring children into the world?
  • How many men are just to scared to bring children into the world?

That’s just a start! What questions do you have?

Is this society really working for us or are we just pawns making Warlords happy?

Here’s the real question. Are you happy? If not, what are you going to try to change?

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