One of the single most destructive elements segregating men and women in our society today is the endless flood of Anti-Male and Man-Bashing media pounding it into the heads of every TV viewer, Magazine reader, Radio listener etc. about the massive prevalence of disrespect for and violence toward women by an enormous number of men. Back in 2011, even Forbes started discussing the world’s tiredness at Man-Bashing.

This unfair, incorrect and statistically unsupported notion is being continuously pumped through your eyes for two main reasons. First is large sponsor based profits for media producers. Here’s how and why that works

The second, but now becoming the largest is to gain financial support primarily from governments and Aid agencies. Make no bones, this is a Multi Billion dollar worldwide, massively profitable Mis-Information machine.

Domestic Violence Industry Funding

Just the little tiny Australian Misinformation machine was receiving $4 for every man, woman and child prior to the Covid Financial overdrive gear being found in the Governments gearbox. YES, $100,000,000.00 of your hard earned tax payer dollars are being poured into pumping out this statistically incorrect Male Punishing narrative. That was Pre Covid…………………………………… Wanna hear how much now?

When Covid flared, the ship was launched, sailing to beg and plead to every government and aid organisation declaring there was absolutely no possibility these Massive, Continuous, Perpetual acts of violence absolutely had to escalate out of control when you lock Poor defenceless women into the same residence of their undeniably violent husbands. They knew that would happen and provided huge amounts of (yes, Non-Statistical) highly biased information demanding phenomenal amounts of money to satisfy this undeniable wave of Female attrition and suffering that would undoubtedly unfold.

Did it work?

In Trumps! An extra $6 for every man, woman and child in Australia, was conned out of our pockets. $250,000,000.00. to put this in perspective would buy more than 500 Australian families outer suburban or regional city homes. Now would you like to hear how much Domestic Violence actually went up while all these poor defenceless women were imprisoned at the mercy of all these RUTHLESS men?

None, Zip, Nada, it didn’t! No, Not at all!

Do you want the actual statistics or the narrative on justifying your 500 residential properties that weren’t supplied to genuinely needy families or 19 Million days (not meals) food at the average Australian Statistical Data cost of food per day. That money would have fed EVERY Hungry Australian

I’ll give you the real Stats first, then the narrative and how it’s created.

First NSW, Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research analysed police crime data, Result: no evidence of an increase in domestic violence since social distancing was implemented in response to the COVID-19 pandemic”

Violent crime in Queensland: Together with less DVO’s being handed out, if anything, domestic violence reduced slightly.

Victorian Data: “Since stage 3 restrictions were reintroduced in Victoria in July, Victoria Police have reported a slight decrease in family violence reports around the state.” Ambulance Victoria also showed a decrease in callouts to family violence related incidents.

We haven’t found anywhere that had an upward spike in Genuine Domestic Violence in Australia

Now the Narrative, How do you justify Five Days Food Budget for the entire country when all your Alarmist, Emergency War cries are shown to be totally incorrect, if not a deliberate hoax?

How do you LIE and get away with it, RAPING us all?

Well, that’s really easy, You get one part of your Massive money Making industry to INTERVIEW another part of your Massive money Making industry. Then, you reverse the interview process for a different story! This is great

This well crafted, self fuelling propaganda machine is very cleverly designed. If you call it fraud you’ll spend years tied up in court and go bankrupt defending yourself against a very well funded industry (Yes, you the tax payer would pay to annihilate truth speakers.) This marketing is brilliant! I even wish I’d thought of it………….

Example: You get Fossil Fuel company A to interview Fossil Fuel company B to ask if Fossil Fuel hurts the environment, Then you get Fossil Fuel company B to interview Fossil Fuel company A to ask if Fossil Fuel should cost more. Then you mix it up with Fossil Fuel companies C, D, E, F and so on. I wonder what answers you’ll get. Maybe we should try this with criminals to see if anyone should still be in prison.

Step 2, Issue your beautifully constructed opinion based information to the ABC or any of its associated Far-Left Wing arms such as The Conversation. These Hard Left Wing SJW’s love it. Have a read of their linked article and see if there’s as much hard data in it as a simple bloke like me can find in just 20 minutes.

Media Domination by bias

If you’d like to understand how Radical and Hard-Line Left-Wing “experts” control or at least dominate the Mainstream media, just watch a few edition’s of The Drum on the ABC. I’m an early 60’s era person who grew up in a Middle of the road house, with parents who weighed up all sides of an argument before casting their opinion.

Growing up, the ABC historically presented the least biased News reporting because it was publically funded and Non-Politically aligned. A few years ago, I was discussing with my mid 90’s era son how disappointed I’d become at the One-sided Hard-Left attitudes the ABC was reporting. I told him I can’t believe what the ABC are pretending to be “Balanced reporting” . I told him I was appalled that they showed such Hard-Line Left Wing Social Justice rubbish with nothing in any time-slot to offer balance.

My more enlightened son just laughed, asking why I’d watch such a “Circle Jerk“. Dumbly, I asked what a circle Jerk was, he said an “Echo Chamber“, go Google it Dad, so I did.  The definition was clear and concise in Wikipedia, self-congratulatory behavior or discussion among a group of people

If you’ve never watched the Drum, it follows the most predictable formula I’ve witnessed in any Fake News media outlet. You take a Far-Left topic, create a panel of Extreme-Left “Reporters” and “Experts” who are in total agreement at the Far SJW end on that topic and discuss how their views are the ONLY views that are even tolerable.

They occasionally discuss the Really bad people who only accept 90% of their narrative. To pretend Balanced Reporting, invite on some ill-prepared “Middle of the Road” person who doesn’t agree on every point then let the panel have a Turkey Shoot , They cut them off immediately or edit them due to “Lack of time” if they start to provide relevant opposition. I can’t believe MY TAX pays for this garbage.

If you’re not Hard-Left, just ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK! Never discuss

This is why people, especially the younger generation completely ignore mainstream media unless they are of a strong SJW mindset. What’s even funnier is how much I’m learning from my son on how to manage or ignore all this “Noise“.


THIS ISN’T JUST ABOUT THE MONEY, THIS INCORRECT NARRATIVE IS PITTING WOMEN AGAINST MEN, FORCING GOOD MEN TO TURN TAIL AND RUN! Yes, me included but if you ask the Radical Feminists, I’m running because I’m scared of empowered women. Bullshit, I prefer intelligent empowered women, that actually think for themselves.

More to follow………………………

Media Bias by Volume

This is just simple numerics. How many female feminists enrol for Gender studies? How many male feminists enrol for Gender studies. Whilst a number of males sign up to understand their own gender questioning, many males appear to enlist for the purposes of popularity with the females proving they support them against their own gender. Now ask a slightly different question, how many males or females enrol for Gender studies as a Non Feminist or for any purpose other than elevating the position of women against men? That can be either Gender neutrality, confusion, diversity or for Men’s issues. Here’s a hint, the pre PC name was Women’s studies.

So how many people are enrolling and more importantly, what are they actually being taught? If you’d like to see just how Anti-Men indoctrinating the dogma taught in Gender studies is, click this Campus Conditioning link.

With the weight if huge numbers being churned through the indoctrination mill, how destructive would this volume of misinformation be to society?

Purely the assignments and studies performed by these Gender studies students would easily amount to hundreds of times more Male demonising material than Males have written about women since the beggining of time, without considering their ongoing lifetime’s poisoning materials. With very large numbers of Highly indoctrinated Minions pumping out humongous volumes of literary, video and physical product anti Male abuse material ranging from “Male Tears” mugs to highly detailed stories blaming males for every unhappiness or dissatisfaction any female has ever suffered. There is little doubt the Man Hating culture has grown to epidemic proportions

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