Property Division

Feminist pressure has driven the Family court to complete Puppetry status with the Radical Feminist movement pulling the strings. Feminists now completely control how property division is skewed deliberately and massively for the female. Radical Feminists’ multi-pronged attack Falsely set massive expectation of Male perpetrated violence. They’ve been using this for decades In more recent years, they’ve progressed to having as many males as possible removed from Universities Kangaroo Courts on Trumped Up Accusations.

They are now using Court bias as a shortcut to confiscate men’s assets even without a reasonably long cohabitation by alleging either Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault to remove the man gaining sole occupancy and establishing Status Quo.

The deeper misinformation permeates society, the easier it is to convince others of the same misinformation. Radical Feminists want you to believe all of the circumstances they train people to use are out of control, societal norms. By doing this, they can justify automatic transfer of mens wealth to the female.

This article’s definitions are:

  • Men’s wealth: as property, assets and cash held prior to cohabitation and 50% of wealth accrued post cohabitation.
  • Woman’s wealth: as property, assets and cash held prior to cohabitation plus 50% of wealth accrued post cohabitation.

Establishing excuses to shift that balance of Property Division in women’s favour is the clear and deliberate purpose for systematic and premeditated destruction of men’s reputations and employability.

For many years, key to females gaining the assets in a marriage has been a really simple recipe. The recipes are taught by many guides spread all over the Net. Many of these guides are posted as thinly veiled education on Lawyers “Advice and education” pages. They detail how these items heavily influence Property Division settlements and regularly detail steps on each.

  • Allege Violence (or fear thereof) against the male
  • Obtain AVO
  • Empty bank accounts immediately.
  • Cash out liquid assets such as shares, stocks, bonds, etc.
  • Have the male removed (especially important if he already owned the residence)
  • Use AVO to establish Sole or maximum custody of children
  • Immediately apply for all government assistance
  • Immediately apply for Child Support
  • Allege father refuses to pay Child support
  • Rehearse the children with stories of how terrified they and you were of the father
  • Make allegations of Drug, Alcohol or other substance abuse against the father
  • Make allegations of psychological abuse of mother against the father
  • Make allegations of physical abuse of mother against the father
  • Make allegations of psychological abuse of children against the father
  • Make allegations of physical abuse of children against the father
  • Make allegations of sexual abuse of children against the father

These elements will all be taken into account when making Property Division decisions. As customary in the Family Court, if a female makes these allegations, no evidence is needed. The male will need to spend tens of thousands of dollars proving the allegations untrue. If, with stripped financial resources, he still finds a way to prove the allegations untrue, the FC will not pursue female perjury. FC sees incarceration of a mother as “not in the best interests of the child”, no matter what damage is done to the male. It’s well advised to most males not to attempt such behaviours because they will be prosecuted and imprisoned for perjury if they can’t show irrefutable evidence of every statement he makes.

Again, similar to Child custody, Lawyers know and understand these processes and will in most cases advise men to settle, again, regardless of the PC languaging the Family Court system now uses.

The new Active Consent and False Allegations demands are allowing women to pursue the same type of settlements immediately after claiming they are resident in a male’s house. Even without children, if she can demonstrate she lives in the house, with as little as a driver’s licence listed with his address and a week or two residence, these laws allow her to claim fear or violence and have him removed on an unproven AVO. It will take at least a year up to 3 years before the AVO is most likely dismissed but she then has a claim of it being HER HOME all that time setting up a Status Quo claim.

This new legislation provides a massive shortcut from having to wait until a long marriage fails to kick you out of the house YOU bought, to now, Kicking you out prior to any consideration of marriage based on completely unproven allegations, or worse, just fear they may happen!

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