Guilt Inducement

This behaviour is the most troublesome of all. Guilt Inducement can be very closely aligned to Martyrdom.

The purpose of this type of behaviour is generally not just to force compliance but to prove the Non-Compliant person to be “Bad” not only if they don’t comply but you must want to comply. It’s used to eliminate opposition.

This behaviour is specifically designed so there is no choice available other than Willing compliance or being bad. Essentially, it’s Ultimatum based.

The next beauty of this behaviour, from the users point of view is once you subjected your partner to it and they submit, they quickly learn there is no way to counter it without spending lots of time proving your truths but generally, if you do, you’ll be Mansplaining.

These are the classicals but you know more;

  • If you loved me you would want to….,
  • If I was important to you, you would…….. 
  • I do everything for you but you won’t do this one thing for me
  • I would want to do that for you so you should want to do that for me

Whilst it is clearly obvious you can state I do love you but……………. , If the Guilt Inducer refuses to accept your statement as truth, their initial ultimatum will become “their truth” and remain so. Here’s a typical real-life INADVERTENT case and true outcomes. Watch the faces

Here’s a typical real-life INADVERTENT case and true outcomes. Watch the faces

I have seen this behaviour used both 100% deliberately designed to be manipulative and inadvertently. In either case, it’s almost impossible to know which is the case when subjected to it.

Personally, I had to learn the only way to deal with this behaviour is to state my case honestly and clearly and be prepared to give detail if requested. If the inducer continues, walk away.

I had to learn it after years of emotional blackmail to look after my wife’s relatives whilst living with a wall of Jasmine which I was highly allergic to outside our bedroom window, planted by the wife because she “Liked it” even though she knew I was allergic. Years of this pushed me to suicide because I felt a complete failure being unable to satisfy a wife no matter how many hours I worked for her family or how much money I earned or how much domestic duty I took on. It took our couples counsellor to teach me that Once you teach someone they can use that technique to force your submission, that course will most likely become very repetitive.

The nature of both human and animal learning is that if an action or behaviour gets you what you want, you now have a shortcut, why wouldn’t you keep using it?

There are countless versions of this throughout Radical Feminism doctrine.

Clearly, this behaviour can be used by any gender, especially a paper plane who identifies as an A10 Tank Killer.

Gender Neutral Guilt Inducing behaviours

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