Confirmation Bias

The primary aim of the Feminism run smear campaign actively demonstrating unrealistic Domestic Violence where Violent males perpetrate against poor, oppressed, defenceless females has a very clear and concise intent. The intent is to create a massively skewed view that Males perpetrating unprovoked violence against women and that Tyrannical Male domination are not just exceedingly common but are somehow genetically programmed into all men. This massively (mainly public) funded smear campaign shows highly polarising views that Males can’t be trusted and that most men are dangerous Powder kegs just waiting for a spark.

By repetitiously showing every group of friends has at least active one Female abuser at any time, confirmation bias will gradually be created. The people producing these advertisements know and understand they can only go so far portraying their ridiculous narratives, that’s why they create visual stories to show the images they want you to perceive. You will also notice any data and statistics they ever show are data and statistics they control rather than unfiltered Raw data.

The Use of Stories

Stories have been used for millennia to portray bad behaviour and it’s consequences as well as to show how good behaviour is rewarded.

Virtually every culture, including most religions and political leaders use this method simply because IT WORKS!

The reasons it works are still discussed among experts but the general belief for the success is because stories bypass our natural truth filters by using empathy and cementing either true or untrue stories in our minds as facts, even when unsupported by data, facts or logic.

Fake News

One of the greatest tools for modern minority Power Grabbing groups have learned to use is Fake news. Fake news doesn’t need to be supported by legitimate data. Fake news counts on structured belief systems where the message recipient (the viewer) believes the teacher/educator/speaker has detailed knowledge to support their narrative. The peddlers of Fake news use either Camouflaged Facts, heresay or pseudoscience to support their doctrine.


Pseudoscience and Bad Science is usually, but not always deliberately constructed to convince you that the outcome the narrative writer wants you to support is the only possible conclusion based on very limited facts and even more questionable assumptions. A skeptical example would be if you have a headache, take two aspirin, if that doesn’t work, take two panadeine, if that doesn’t work there are no more options, the only possible cure is surgical removal of the head!

The first question of any conclusions any narrative driver is pushing you to support is “Where is the Raw Data” “What was the methodology behind the data collection” and “Who commissioned the data collection”.

Some pseudoscience such as Ancient Aliens, Astrology or Feng Shui may be born of genuine belief and supported by very substantial unanswered questions combined with mountains of unproven outcome study. In most cases these very old pseudosciences were born of genuine search for truth rather than deliberately destructive Ulterior motifs.

In either case, the most important question you should be asking is whether the driver of the narrative is receiving rewards, especially financial rewards for your indoctrination. In the case of Astrology or Feng Shui, the financial rewards are usually small and direct such as subscription fees or book purchases. In the case of the Anti-Male, Man Bashing campaigns run be Feminist groups, the financial rewards are absolutely enormous and indirect (paid by taxpayers or other people who gain benefits)

Silence Opposition

Get opposing views banned or Bully them into submission.

If on opinion owned by others conflicts with ideologies held by feminists, just use massive political lobbying power of the well funded feminist base to demand banning of any material with views you don’t like by writing reports such as read by Jessica Rowe in the below clip. Jessica shows how highly opinionated reviews are taken as fact in the lobbying process.

Fake Research

You may be astounded at how much publically funded Government research is actually set up by Feminist groups providing the lists of highly biassed questions and deviate methodology for surveys and research. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Laugh Time and Camouflaging Facts.

Techniques consistently being used to create false data;

  • Providing survey data from surveys of sympathizing groups
  • Controlling the questions being asked by other organisations such as governments
  • Specifying the Survey methodology to influence the outcomes
  • Providing only Cherry Picked data, concealing Raw data
  • Changing terminology meanings, massively inflating figures
  • Providing incorrect data to support illegitimate claims
  • Controlling the organisations conducting research
  • More to come

This is like asking CATS to prepare research on whether Canaries lives matter, but it’s happening. This particular topic is so blatant and diverse, over time, we’re publishing many specific pages demonstrating each technique

Why is it so convincing?

If I try to explain this, it will sound like I’m making shit up, please, listen to the expert, his explanation reaches to areas I knew nothing about but after researching his credibility, I’d rather he explain it. He knows this stuff.

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