Feminism Business Model

I see the Modern Feminist movement as a very clever multi level marketing system. As the Generals or Sergeants recognise the size of the Financial pie the Top Level Feminist organisers are chewing on, they realise they’ll only ever be a small fish in a big pond, arranging and working for Huge Business profiteers.

The answer to the profits? Look for a niche, then start a new brand/tilt/form of feminism. These splinter groups, just like religion, allow those little fish to find their own small pond and become the big fish in it. So, like Christianity, you have Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Seven Day Bike Riders, Brethren, Hussites & Quakers, just to name a few. In Feminism, we have dozens including Liberal, Radical, Cultural, Socialist, Marxist, Eco, Black, Postmodern, Postculture, Separatist and I-Feminism, just to name a few! Due to it’s Financial profitability and ease to recruit entitled, angry plebs, Radical Feminism has exploded, spawning many sub-types of Radical Feminism.

Here’s just one list of Feminist types

Bear in mind, most of these Feminist splinter organisations also have geographical and/or sectorial specific groups and chapters.
This is a huge USD $Multi-Billion industry.

The Money and the profit shares per faction

But most feminist support programmes are either Non-Profit or Not For Profit aren’t they?

Many, if not most of the industry hide their wealth generation behind charity, company and trust structures. Many, if not most of the public face companies and trusts are registered as either Non-Profit or Not For Profit status but that’s both a liability and tax dodge. Being registered means you have to run your books in such a way that you either make no or quite low profit in THAT company, depending which status. High levels of profit or large cash reserves are immediately isolated away from these businesses.

By ensuring these public face companies have no cash or asset value, they can behave however they want, take large risks and pretty much ignore the consequences. If they get sued for substantial breaches, negligent damages or large non-payment issues, they just close the business say Goodchix help services ltd, then tomorrow commence operations as Goodchix help service assoc. ltd. This allows them to dance away from mistreating staff, underinsurance, personal injuries, mal-practice or any other major infraction with very little consequence.

So where’s all this money?

Easy Peasey, look at their suppliers, subcontractors, building owners and so forth. Who says what’s a fair rent to pay? If a specific building can be rented for $10,000/month, how would you know that was a truly independent landlord or owned by a “Controlled company or trust?

You’ve all seen where small items like business cards must be bought from XYZ Doohickey company even though they’re 50% dearer than you can get them elsewhere. Well, the same principle applies to bed sheets, food, advertising or print companies, etc, etc. Who do you think owns those “Must Use” companies?

How do the organisations work?

This is a typical arrangement of responsibilities, asset ownership, cash flows and business values

Level NamePurposeTrue Care FactorMilitancyProfit %ageBusiness Value
Top LevelPlan and design strategies and campaigns.
Plot objectives and sequence targets.
Own/Control Financial Trust/Company structure.
Control ownership of Support properties where possible.
Own/Control Marketing and/or Support businesses
Seriously? This is about moneyAgitators of Militancy.
Pretence of Massive
LargeUp to
$Hundreds of Millions
GeneralsOrganise and implement marketing strategies and organise Lobbyists.
Design and sequence marketing tools, materials and advertising.
Run Feminism meetings, Indoctrinate plebs.
Very High, at least until they realise this is about moneyHighLowGood Pay Rate plus large bonuses.
The best may get shares and dividends
SergeantsOrganise and implement support services such as emergency housing, support workers, advocates and client legal-aid etc.
Run Feminism meetings, Indoctrinate plebs.
Very High, at least until they realise this is about money HighLowFair Pay Rate plus small bonuses
LobbyistsPrepare and submit Lobby submissions.
Prepare templates for plebs to mass mail
HighDedicated Back room helpersLowFair Pay Rate plus small bonuses
Marketing BusinessesProvide marketing materials ranging from Flyers to TV Campaigns.
Materials range from DV ads to Pay Gap ads, etc.
Creation or research for misleading statistics
Low. Pretence of HighPretence of High HUGEHuge Turnover with very low overhead
Support BusinessesProvide Female support services such as housing, Social support systems, Material aid etcMedium to High Owner, Theatrical,
Staff, High
MediumHigh turnover with reliable clientele and steady Govt and Donor funding
Small BusinessesSell Feminism based products, regularly by drop-shipping, usually Feminism-brand aligned providing donations to Feminist groupsPretence of HighTheatricalSmall to MediumAnything from small Part time income to a few hundred thousand dollars per year
PlebsStir Shit, Make a nuisance of themselves, Agitate, Make life hard for othersMedium to ExtremeRange Normal to ExtremeNegativeMost Plebs pay their own expenses and supply their own tools or equipment
Typical Financial arrangement of Feminism organisations

We’re currently gathering data on the huge corporates financially backing these organisations. The Name and Shame coming up from this research will change the products and services you buy and who you buy them from. I can let you know the lists include Banks, Car manufacturers, Hygiene and personal care products, Clothing manufacturers and BIG retailers. Most have been supporting these Minority Disruptor groups in complete knowledge of their Societal damage for either short term profits or to sell more product.

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