Domestic Violence

For those buying into the Feminist driven narrative that most men are Wife-Beaters, please, start by asking yourself when the last time you personally knew a female who had been beaten. Then, lets’s next ask when she was struck, what were the genuine circumstances. I’ll share my personal experience here as well as provide real data.

The concept Domestic Violence is a Man hits Woman notion has been strongly known to be untrue even back in the 1970’s. Listen to the comments of Erin Pizzey, who set up the World’s very first Women’s shelter in this 2009 BBC documentary

Here’s a newer one from 2020 below. The campaign to help men is going backward over the last decade, driven by the artificial, bias sampled data manufacture and ludicrous misinformation of the Radical Feminist movement.

This information isn’t intended to create any downplaying of how deplorable violence against women is, however what needs to be clearly understood is that in reported cases of DV, the ratio of balance is 59% of violence is reported by women, 41% by men.

Note: that is reported. I’ve known many men to be psychologically and verbally abused by women and a few more to have been physically abused. Including my own father, I’ve never known a man to report a complaint.

As a late teen, a poor, abused close relative leaving her husband, come to our house because her abusive husband had beat her. When questioned a little more closely, she admitted , “Well, maybe he didn’t beat me, he sat me on my arse”. When asked why he sat her on her arse, eventually, she admitted “it was because I was kicking and punching him while calling his mother an Old Mole”.

Luckily, in that era, without the Lie endorsement of the Believe movement, this lady didn’t have him incarcerated or removed. If that occured in today’s times, he’d be removed from the home, probably locked up and all the females in her circle would applaud and encourage. She couldn’t back down without massive embarrassment and reputation loss. All he did was stopped her physical and verbal attack.

Personally, I have known 2 females who were genuinely concerned they may be hit. Personally, I’ve never known a woman who was struck other than self defence. There are definitely some instances unprovoked Male attacks on women. PLEASE, nobody is trying to divert help, assistance or devalue those occurrences. If I ever saw or knew of a man assaulting a woman, let’s just say, it might not end well for them! Virtually every man I know thinks the same, even most men who’ve had their Testes removed in the family court. My observations appear consistent with most studies excluding studies commissioned by feminist related organisations.

I expect to be ostracised for stating these facts so clearly, I’ll be painted as just another Angry, stripped man. If I’d written something 20 years ago, that might have been right. If you want to think this is just an angry male ranting and you want to ignore the data and statistics, listen to the people enforcing this Male-persecuting narrative.

Leading Experts opposing current Laws

In most DV cases, the violence is nothing like the rubbish shown on the flood of Media representations of the poor oppressed female being openly abused by aggressive males. In fact, those cases are not only very rare, they are in complete contradiction to most Men’s instinct, which is to protect and defend women. I’m not saying those cases aren’t there but I will say if I ever saw one, myself and every man I know, WOULD immediately intervene.

Fake Data and Fake Statistics

So how the hell have these Radical Feminists gained so much ground with the Left-Wing media? That’s, in essence, really simple. Unfortunately, credibility has been gained by extrapolating age old methods.

The power of group opinion.

From the beginning of time, traditionally, male and female roles differed. Men, with greater carrying strength and longer legs performed distance based hunting etc. Women gathered, looked after the young and kept the campground safe from predators. Typically, while men talked of the hunt, the tools and geography, honing techniques, females discussed different things. Females communicated more collaboratively discussing and comparing interpersonal topics. From that time on, females have contributed to or controlled acceptable behaviour and group thinking. A more senior lady told me when I was a teenager, “Men think of themselves as the Head. Women let them think that by being the neck.” She went on to say “We control not just where men look, but how long for”. At that age, I didn’t understand the lesson. Over time, I reached the understanding Women talk in groups. Women then reach consensus on what the group wants. They then, in their own time, apply (usually subtle) coercive pressure on the males. They then support and applaud the males for coming up with their implanted ideas. I don’t care whether you look back to the 1800’s or at Sex And The City, you’re going to see it in finite detail.

One thing women, particularly angry, dissatisfied women have learned remarkably well, is how to control the conversations. If you control the questions being asked and control who is asked the questions, you completely manipulate the conversation. The next step is to hide anything that’s open to interpretation and publicize the hell out of the Cherry Picked information. Once you’ve established the lack of opposition then you apply the Alarmist languaging. Eg” Our Current Domestic Violence Crisis” or “this Epidemic of Male violence” completely disregarding the legitimate statistics. We’ve all heard the term, “Throw enough mud, some sticks”. That’s pretty much it.

We can show and prove complete fabrication of Male Violence, Pay gaps, Employment roles, company management fabrications. There’s hardly an argument the Modern Radical Feminists have that can’t be demonstrated as deliberate hysteria building.

The real starting point for EVERY THINKING PERSON, is to question not just the detail being shoved down their throat but who is asking the questions and who are they asking to get the answers they want to sell?

If you ask the cat whether all cats agree canaries need to be eaten, what answer are you going to get. These people are being paid BILLIONS of dollars to fabricate this drivel.

I’d like to propose different questions for Radical Anti-Male Feminists everyone else should be asking.

  • How many Domestic Violence cases are at least initially perpetrated by females?
  • How many Domestic Violence cases are caused by continuously escalating aggravation between the partners, culminating in the female assaulting first and the male being reported whilst defending himself?
  • How many men are subject to massive ongoing psychological abuse?
  • Why is financial abuse only ever when a male refuses more money to a female?
  • Why is any male guilty of financial abuse because a couple disagree over spending?
  • If women want more moolah, why is it abuse if she doesn’t earn her own as a male must?
  • How can any person be placed on an AVO based purely on fear an attack may happen? Fear is an emotion (often manipulatively created or exaggerated) of the victim, not an action of an offender.
  • If a Modern, Empowered Female in this Modern world with all the well financed Female support systems in place feels fear, why can’t she exercise her simple choice to leave?
  • When Men are removed by manipulative fear based AVO’s, why are there are absolutely no support systems or anywhere to go.
  • How many men have ever had AVO’s applied to female partners for intimidation, fear of an attack or financial abuse? If you don’t believe that happens, read the statistics.
  • Why is there no recrimination for females making false allegations to get AVO’s? The financial cost to defend AVO’s can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of reputational and employment devastation.
  • How many Male Suicides occur every year due to False allegations of Violence, False allegations of Rape, Employment destruction via allegation, unfair AVO’s, Financial destruction with the legal system and child access deprivation? These causes of suicide are usually applied concurrently.
  • Are women seriously so unequal, they need this level of power over men?
How blind are we to female abuse? Watch this, you’ll see.

Joke Of The Day

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