Camouflaging Facts

How has Feminism become so destructively radical, even to the point of Fundamentalism?

Easy, use the boast of the Catholic church to your own advantage, “Give us your child till it is 5 years old and it will never change it’s religion”. What does this mean? ………………………… Brainwashing works!

Sure, the message doesn’t need to be drummed in by 5, especially with modern psychological manipulation.

The most common method being used to ensure the ongoing Financial viability of Powerful Radical Feminist groups is to keep the arguments going, deliberately enrage them. They coerce ongoing membership and financial support from everyone including government departments, Charities, public donations, etc. If the propaganda is good enough, the cash will roll. The sad part is to run this misinformation, just the Australian Domestic Violence story was a $250 million dollar industry this year. Australians have paid an even bigger price, The greatest gender segregation there has ever been between men and women. I now won’t risk unchaperoned female in my house. Single men who own their homes are getting the message. Women aren’t worth the new legal risks.

As an example, how convincing does this advertisement look? Deceiving children, predicated on an outright lie, showing a behaviour that’s completely illegal to convince kids females are paid less for the same job

Feminist unscrupulous lies to children. How will this teach kids fairness, trust and equity?

Nowhere in this untruth based narrative does it speak of differences in lifetime hours worked. It doesn’t detail responsibility levels, nor are educational qualifications spoken of. There is no detail on risk profiles or any other contributing factors. This certainly says nothing about women would earn the same if they performed the same with the same level of competence. If I deliberately set out to mislead children, convincing them of a falsehood, I couldn’t find a way to deceive them more. This is typical Camouflaging fact behaviour

In WW2 Germany’s case the country’s financial problems were all caused by the Jews not the War’s financial restitution according to their leaders brainwashing. More than 6 million jews paid the price when that got out of control for that specific dogma.

If this continues, Australian society will dissolve leaving only immigration citizens, which are primarily Muslim.

Fake Statistics

How do you keep pumping out Fake statistics?

That’s easy, you control the languaging, create new terms once the old terms have statistics that don’t support the narrative you want to push, manipulate how statistics are presented and…………….Drum Roll please……………Set up and control both the questions data polled and who the respondents are. Here’s examples of each, in order of just how easy these are and how convincing it looks. Check out this link to Laugh Time?

Fake Data

There’s a ton of ways to fabricate data. The most common is artificially set up accounts to post bad information posing as the enemy. The next is taking a selective section of someone’s speech or text where they’re talking against an issue, clip of the start or end where they say “This is bad and should be penalised” and just shoe the bit where they are describing the bad thing they stand against. The first time I saw that in Mainstream media was when Pauline did a long speech in parliament and at the end made a naive joke satirically contradicting her entire speech which was supporting and proposing assistance for aboriginal employment. Channel 10 played that clip for weeks to falsely “prove” how racist and Anti-aboriginal she was. That was in the late 90’s. They’ve never stopped lying since. In Australia, the ABC is an outright Hard Left mistruth specialist narrative presenter.

This is a common feminist ploy

Languaging: Equality vs. Equity

Too many statistics were being proven as equal such as Equal Pay for Equal Work. That doesn’t get memberships up or get government funding so we shift the narrative from Equality to Equity and start yodelling about the Gender Pay Gap

Equal Pay for Equal Work has been enshrined in law for many years with successful prosecutions following breaches so that term gets retired. Now, Fundamentalist Feminists speak of Pay Equity because there’s no clear way to measure it. If there’s no clear way to measure, off you go with your Oppressed Deprived Female Dogma again, allowing all of the established facts to be ignored. You pull out some statistic sheets and prove over a lifetime (or some other measure) the average female earns less than the average male

We make non-data matched analogies like Women’s financial sector lifetime earnings are lower. Well, Yeeeaaahhhh! Do they ever ask why or contribute meaningfully other than demand more? Do they ever propose finding ways to make up for the average lifetime lower work production? I’ve never heard it yet!

Does Cathy Newman even have ears? This is so funny because it’s supposed to be men who don’t listen isn’t it?

Should the average lifetime earnings be equal? Yes, If the WORK outputs, responsibility levels, number of years worked, overtime worked, risk factors and all other elements are equal, the answer is obvious. See how simply that issue is clouded.

There are tons more examples to follow when I’ve finished building my next car. Sorry, I have other priorities right now.

Manipulate how Statistics are presented

Presenting statistics in such a way that’s highly misleading is very easy, you twist the legitimate raw data to present in a manner which best exaggerates your desired outcomes. For instance, if you want to show a massively rising number of Domestic Violence cases toward women, you simply change the definition of Domestic Violence from what it was many years ago, where a household member had to actually strike another household member to the way it is now where all a woman need to to lodge a DV case is allege she’s scared her partner may break her crockery, he doesn’t even need to be in the same state while she makes these claims. This statistic stacking allows Feminists to purport Domestic Violence has increased by 400% or whatever other bullshit claim they want to make.

Even when these ridiculous claims are eventually dismissed, Statistic claims can then be made stating how our laws need to be toughened because 76% of men are avoiding conviction. The simple principle is to cause as much mayhem as possible then chose any apparently large number or percentage then present it as a catastrophe.

If you want to see how Data misinformation is not just peddled but why it’s so convincing, if you want to know why every president and Prime Minister use this method, if you want to know why nearly every culture and religion use the same technique to convince you the truth is not what the statistics and data show, watch this

Control the Data researched, Data collection and who is polled

Equality vs Privilege

When your arguments on Equality run out of legs, you can now start blaming the other person for their privilege. What the????? Really, I’m privileged because I’m taller but I can’t say you are because you’re smaller? I’ve heard so much absolute Horse Twaddle that can’t be explained as prejudice or inequality but somehow, it’s my responsibility to be better.

I just can’t get past the funniest that it’s oppression, not privilege that men Open a door for ladies, buy them flowers, fix their cars/appliances/shelves/blocked drains. What’s even funnier is their Manpuppies hoping they’ll get a tummy scratch sprouting that shit for them.

How Radical and Different do these groups get?

Well, personally, I think the funniest is

Separatist Feminism

Separatist feminism is against the concept of heterosexual relationships, saying that it is not possible to solve the sexual differences that exist between a man and a woman. Separatist feminists believe that no man can contribute positively to the feminist movement, and hence it is just better to shun relationships with men, as even the most radical of men display signs of patriarchy somewhere or the other.

Which do I most support in my belief structure?


I-feminism is a newer branch of feminism which focuses on the individuality of women, as well as their individual choices. I-feminists account for freedom, peace, and harmony in society based on individual choices, and support every personal choice, from heterosexual relationships to homosexual relationships to pornography. I-feminism activists feel that each woman is responsible for her life, her status, and her choices. They do not expect the government to help them specifically to achieve these targets; they believe that each woman can achieve her personal targets and be personally responsible for them.

I know this page is sounding a bit far fetched, especially to the Not-So-Deep feminists but look around and see how far the most angry are getting. I personally have been verbally abused because I have opened a door for a lady and on another occasion because I paid for the dinner date.

Do you think the people, at the top, making hundreds of millions of dollars are going to care if a few people get killed? They don’t now, it’s still ramping up!

This is what happens when you buy into the rubbish being pumped out.

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