Active Consent

Be careful what you demand.

As the person writing this page, I admit, I’m Old School with my fair share of experience at nearly 60. Life was so much simpler when the main risks with sex were STD’s and pregnancy. Having your life destroyed wasn’t a risk because even AIDS wasn’t around.

Today, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Even inappropriate unwanted contact (with clothes still on) today can spell the end of your education, employment and entire life’s financial viability.

Active Consent Poster with insufficient detail to advise the risks every male faces even when they believe they have consent.
Active Consent Poster with insufficient detail to advise the risks every male faces even when they believe they have consent.
Males are responsible for females not being responsible. Even if a female drinks without the male seeing her drink, he can still be charged with rape.
Males are responsible for females not being responsible. Even if a female drinks without the male seeing her drink, he can still be charged with rape.
Whether by later regret, feeling guilty, being coerced by friends or any other reason, if a female decides later consent was withdrawn, HOW can you prove it wasn't Gents?
Whether by later regret, feeling guilty, being coerced by friends or any other reason, if a female decides later consent was withdrawn, HOW can you prove it wasn’t Gents?

I’m struggling to find Australia’s best definition of what constitutes World or even Nation wide Consent. Here is the best definition I’ve found so far.

Active consent means affirmative, honest, conscious, voluntary, sober and ongoing agreement to participate in sexual activity. Each person involved is responsible for ensuring that there is active consent to engage in each sexual act.

Active consent is not:
o Silence
o Lack of protest
o Lack of resistance
o Assumed to exist based on a past or current sexual, dating or marital relationship

New Laws just passed in NSW and Tas Australia appear to go a lot further than this with precursors and qualifiers, effectively make every sexual encounter illegal, especially between married couples. The legislation they have just passed outlaw many Good Sex practices between most if not all happily married couples.

This legislation will fuel thousands upon thousands of false sexual assault charges because no male can possibly defend against a female simply stating “I didn’t say no but I didn’t want him to shift positions” or ” Yes, I was moaning loudly as the neighbors reported but it was a moan of displeasure not a moan of approval” . This legislation renders any male participating in sex defenceless, even with written agreement.

This is one presenter’s opinion of what constitutes permission. This would leave Males subject to Rape or Sexual Assault charges. Clear agreement is not specifically stated to each specific physical activity. This presentation is great for demonstrating what good early relationship communication looks like but it’s NOT legal permission.

From various research, the primary consideration is that each individual female gets to decide, at any given time what constitutes consent and exactly what actions requires consent on any particular day. Furthermore, it appears females now have the choice to withdraw consent AFTER sex has occurred by reframing events that occurred. There appear to be many many cases where consent is clearly believed to be given, by both, however, after later consideration, for a multitude of reasons, withdrawn. There seems to be no limitation of the time consent can be withdrawn, even 30+ years has proven realistic according to #BeleiveHer and #MeToo. Are you wondering if the law is bidirectional in this era of equality?

Careful guys, if a lady says she didn’t want it at that speed or it didn’t feel as expected, the “Informed” requirement isn’t met!

To reduce or negate the risk of sexual assault charges Males MUST record in a proveable manner the female hadn’t been drinking or under the influence of drugs. Many commentators are using your legal ability to drive as the benchmark to give consent. An Australian P-Plate driver is considered incapable of driving above a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.00. It appears to be Male only responsibility to know if females have consumed alcohol and know how much and hold full responsibility to judge if a female is at or below whatever local allowance is for females to be responsible for their own decision making. Are you asking if this law is also gender reversed as equal beings or confirmation of female inferiority?

Males WILL be held accountable for rape charges if a female’s BAC is even “possibly above” that range or if she has ingested drugs, regardless of whether he saw her drinking or taking drugs or not.

Given that even touching a female’s hand now may be considered sexual harassment, To reduce the risk of sexual assault charges Males MUST record in a proveable manner the female has given Active Consent for every action performed. As per the video above, S for Specific. This Consent starts with and must include:

  • May I hold your hand?
  • May I stroke your hair?
  • May I touch your face?
  • May I rub your shoulders?
  • May I rub your back?
  • May I massage your feet?
  • May I rub your legs?
  • May I Cuddle you?
  • May I kiss you?
  • May I remove (each article of clothing)? individually
  • May I remove my own clothing?
  • May I rub my body against yours?
  • May I touch your breasts?
  • May I kiss or Lick your breasts?
  • May I touch your genitals?
  • May I kiss or Lick your genitals?
  • May I rub my Penis on your Breasts?
  • May I Rub my penis on your buttocks while spooning?
  • May I place my penis in your mouth?
  • May I have Vaginal intercourse with you?
  • May I have Anal intercourse with you?
  • May I ejaculate in your mouth/vagina/anus?
  • May I ejaculate on your stomach/breasts/face/buttocks?

This IS CONSENT. This consent procedure MUST be followed in it’s entirety on every single encounter, every single time you perform that act. If you’re holding your partner’s hand and let it go, if you wish to hold it again, you MUST re-obtain permission according to these rules. The same applies for a second round of oral or intercourse of course.

Not once has a female asked permission to kiss me, let alone touch my one-eyed Trouser snake. Does that mean every one of those females can now be charged with sexual assault? I’d really love to know how the Feminist movement would react to this outcome. It’s 100% truth according to both their tenets and their actions. Not one female worldwide, would be in a better position than Christian Porter was when his life was deliberately destroyed. The law must be equal.

Remember, as a Modern Male, it is now up to you to PROVE you not only had consent but consent had not been withdrawn AND the female was fully sober (drugs and alcohol) at the time. Consent appears to be withdrawn after the event very regularly. Are you asking how such unilateral Man-Blaming laws can be applied?

Under these new Consent protocols, Females are immediately victims if males don’t follow any part of these procedures completely and keep proveable records. This level of consent certainly includes within a marriage. It is understood that these new Consent protocols mean Females are never responsible for their own sobriety levels and are deemed incompetent to use the word “NO” or “STOP” if they want to stop. Males MUST know the Female wants to stop even if she does indicate it. Remember Silence is not permission so with the anti-male sentiment of this legislation Silence is a removal of consent. If she is not actively saying “YES” to each specific act, at the exact time you perform every single action, you will probably be convicted of Sexual Assault. Are you asking whether this truly reflects natural romantic or sexual behaviours, especially between couples in long term relationships?

Agreement should be sought from your partner to sound or video record all interactions prior to commencing any sexual activities. If your partner can’t understand the need to protect yourself against such one-sided laws, perhaps you’re better to choose a partner who doesn’t want unilateral blame legislation on her side. Whilst Covert sound or video recording may be illegal in many jurisdictions, the penalties and complete reputational destruction would be virtually nothing compared to the cost and damage of a sexual assault charge. Your regional laws should be checked. Records need to be preserved in multiple locations. At a minimum, cloud based systems are advised. Loss or theft of your phone or recorder otherwise leaves you defenceless.

Historically, Safe-Words (maybe “Purple Gorilla”) were agreed to stop various forms of sex play such as Rough, Rape Fantasy, Bondage, etc. between enthusiastic consenting adults. This allowed the “Play Victim” to be saying “No” and “Stop” as part of the Role Play. Today, that would be suicide for Males to participate without prior written consent.

Being charged with Sexual Assault will not only cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend, it will almost certainly end your study or career, especially if reputation is of any importance in your field. It will certainly cause more stress and anxiety than you’ve ever understood for at least 2 to 5 years.

If you don’t think this is crucial, contact Christian Porter, our former Attorney-General, whose career was recently destroyed by a completely unevidenced accusation of an event over 30 years prior. In his case, he clearly states very credibly, the entire event was nothing like the alleged fabricated version. Christian was a Top Prize scalp for the “Believe Her” movement to claim. With Christian, the Radical Feminist movement proved any prey could be bagged without evidence or proof. Zero evidence supported claims made 30 years later but his career is destroyed.

Ladies and Gents, if this level of consent repetition and boring predictability is what you want for your sex life, every single time, with every single partner, for the rest of your life, keep allowing this Radical Hard-Core Feminist narrative on Consent to grow.

If you, as a Female don’t have the ability or confidence to say NO, maybe you should, as an Equality based Female, not be participating in the activity. As an equality based female be responsible for your own sobriety and actions in exactly the same way men are. Part of Females being Equal to Males is to take and exercise Equal responsibility for your position and actions. If females are not responsible when having consuming alcohol or drugs this cements guaranteed COMPLETE INEQUALITY in every respect to males. Clarification is required. Are females equal or inferior?

It’s totally understood females and males want total confidence they can stop any action at any time they see fit, and so they should. Human behaviour shows us most females don’t want a man that doesn’t learn how to read her feelings and act accordingly. Most females are put off by men continually asking permission, especially after the first few encounters. Don’t take my word for it, give Lorna Campbell 30 seconds to tell you!

I bet you never thought Johnny English films would be teaching howsex really works, huh?

As unpopular as this statement will be to Hard-Core Radical Feminists, both experience and science shows most females, of nearly all species, strongly prefer strong, decisive, confident males that don’t ask permission, as long the female confidently knows they can say “NO” and be respected.

Pushing this unworkable level of consent is worse than continually lowering speed limits. The driver who obeys the speed limit is the only one who slows. They were not the driver likely to have the accident. The driver that does 80kmh in a 40kmh zone will still do 80kmh even if you set the limit at 20kmh. The speeding driver is the person that needs to be stopped, not the compliant driver. No matter how tightly you write consent laws, they won’t stop a genuine rapist. Rape is a vile contemptible crime deservant of huge punishment. This will simply destroy our judicial system with innumerable cases even where men have genuinely tried to comply or meet a ladies realistic desires. If anything, the complete contempt it will cause for women abusing these laws with False Allegations is more likely to just segregate us. The big difference is it’s not a 10 year sentence or several hundred thousand dollar defence bill for speeding!

Finally, a message to Females, I understand, especially while young, inexperienced, with a new partner and/or your partner lacks experience, the level of assurance demonstrated in the text and videos is very reassuring. When you have learned to understand your partner’s likes, dislikes, moods, and Non-Verbal communication, this level of questioning will completely annihilate the experience for all involved.

In the real world, these protocols are completely unworkable even in a single encounter let alone over a lifetime.

It would be completely illegal to make love to a shy female or male. Shy people just don’t behave anything like this.

Reality Check

As far as expecting every person to behave like the permission videos above, it can never happen. This legislation outlaws personal bedroom conduct tastes especially in medium to long term partnerships. Government demands of behaving anything like this just a month after you start playing “Nocturnal Calisthenics” is ludicrous. That’s not saying females never remain enthusiastic, on the contrary! Individuals and couples have their own individuallanguage of love” (sexual behaviours). Some ladies like to be the “chocolate starfish” loving all the attention being lavished on them, not want to talk or concentrate on anything other than what’s being done to them. Even as a legitimate choice, by definition, that’s now RAPE!

Sinister motifs?

After reading substantial quantities of Feminist material researching this site’s content, it’s clear there are ulterior motifs behind the massive confusion, lack of clear definition, removal of evidence rules and complication attached to Active Consent rules. Rules need to be clear and comprehensible, providing clarity for application and fairness. These Active Consent rules do the exact opposite. There is no longer Black or White in allegation or defence.

These rules have clearly been created by Feminist groups with no input from Men’s groups balancing values or fairness. These rules are clearly written to remove every element of physical evidence from being required for conviction.

Under these rules, consent can clearly be stated to be withdrawn days, weeks or even years after the event. With all of the education, nearly every Western World female knows they only need to say they were alcohol affected, drug affected, state they were not actively saying yes enthusiastically during every single part of the interaction and a conviction is very easily assured. Females can even admit they pre-loaded on drugs or alcohol before going to a boys room and demanding sex. Because SHE’s alcohol affected, Sexual Assault still stands.

Case law set around one single irresponsible female who admits preloading until drunk then drinking further, then taking no action to stop intercourse is responsible for destroying sexual freedom of every person in NSW enjoying sexual activities of their choosing. It’s both sad and disappointing this girl didn’t lose her virginity in the manner she hoped. If she and her friend had behaved responsibly, she may have. She said “I had this grandiose, romantic [idea]: ‘It’ll be by candlelight on a bed of roses’, with someone who loves me,”. “No-one dreams of their first time being in an alleyway with someone whose name they can’t even remember. No-one wants that.”

Everybody in the world agrees this is sad but seriously should a case of female irresponsibility revoke the rights of other consenting adults to participate in centuries old standard mating practices. Males are deemed responsible for One-Punch or any other irresponsible behaviours while drunk. Can anyone please explain why females (only) bear no responsibility for their own actions once they’ve consumed alcohol or drugs? Can it be explained why an entire state’s sexual activity is now bound by unnatural rules because one female deliberately pre-loaded on booze, drank plenty more then lost her virginity in a not so joyous manner. This is totally the rights of an individual overriding the rights of the community. Loose nightclub sex is now a strong cultural norm even if I don’t like it. How can everyone who enjoys the “Zipless Fuck” and has participated in that for years now comply?

Under these rules, at least 95% of all sexual encounters worldwide, especially within marriages, would constitute Rape or Sexual Assault. The Feminist movement has long been complaining the Rape/Sexual Assault conviction rate is too low. These rules weaponise all sexual encounters, any time any female feels aggrieved or wants to shift responsibility for her choices. Convictions will be assured if a female can appear convincing in saying she simply went quiet.

Why would credibility be so high for the complainant? Seriously, think about your own sexual experiences. It’s human nature for the majority of people to be quiet in anticipation of genital contact or penetration, concentrating on the physical feelings. As genital contact or penetration occurs, at least sometimes, more so during slow, gentle lovemaking, quietly concentrating on your partner is very common. Most likely, it’s more common than the Hollywood or Pornography vocalised versions of sex glamorised on the silver screen.

At other times, privacy with kids in the next room, being in a tent camping etc force you to “Operate in Silent mode”. All a female has to do is say consent was withdrawn with silence on just one occasion and you get to spend many years in the Big House, being Bubba’s bitch, unless you’re John Cena, then Bubba becomes your Bunny!

Why were these rules formulated and forced into universities with ZERO consultation with Men’s Activist groups to prevent this ludicrous bias? How can Feminism demand such unilateral control? This, by definition, is gender Fascism.

Outcomes of these rules

As I said right at the beginning, be careful what you demand. Once the convictions start flowing, the only men that will let go near females will be men with no impulse control. Those men will almost certainly have very few assets and unstable earning capacity. Even men over 50 are already realising the risks massively outweigh the benefits. Most men are just about as happy spending their money on toys, internet, Moisturiser and Huge screen TV’s instead of risks attached to women.

The saddest part of the entire equation is the price paid by Good Quality, Honest, Fair Dinkum ladies. Excellent ladies are now sentenced to a solitary life because of the hidden agendas and power grabs of the Hard Left Radical Feminists pulling societies strings. Men can’t tell who to trust. The good ones don’t have labels. Men only know they trusted the wrong female when they get to make their one phone call, if Bubba let’s them.

These laws have become so inequitable and divisive, I now, won’t allow an unchaperoned female into my house. I don’t want to waste the resources fighting potential cases. Even if I did want to repartner, I just don’t want to spend years preparing Affidavits, finding witnesses, collating forensics, paying for Expert Evidence to be prepared, etc. After experiencing 5-6 years of legal defending in Family Court, then spending 10 years fighting CSA appeal after CSA appeal for increases, I know judicial bias. Most men do.

The only safeguard for men now, under these laws, is to never be in isolation with any female they don’t have very long term trust in. Men are now accepting this, driving themselves into car, bike, horse, touring clubs, in sport or the MGTOW movement. Men have been steadily choosing to go there own way for years. These new laws have just put the foot down on the accelerator

No matter how many promises are offered by females, these attacks will never be levelled at you, how can you ever believe when your entire life’s earnings, assets, reputation and physical freedom are at stake based on nothing more than an easy lie. The financial incentives, let alone outright Blackmail opportunities are just too high. The big SJW lawyers stirring up these cases know how to convince potential clients they’re right to attack.

Trust is gone. Radical Feminism took it

Joke Of The Day

Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: None, they just hold it in the socket and expect the world to revolve around them.

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