Parental Custody

Australia is very close to the very worst country to be a Male in either parenting or Family law. The Australian success achieved by the Feminist movement to control Family Law matters is being used as a model trying to manipulate Family Law around the Western world. Canada, USA and England are catching up fast.

In Australia, the Family Court, which is inarguably the single most Pro-Female, Anti-Male organisation in the entire country when you look at the balance of decisions. The Family court has tried to improve it’s image by changing language, not outcomes. It is universally the single most hated institution in Australia by men who regularly suicide rather than accept what life has to offer after their deliberate Male-Stripping processes.The Family Court has caused more male suicide, child psychological damage and societal division than any other institution in Australia has EVER caused.

Family law disputes about who has care of and legal responsibility for children are known as Parenting matters. In parenting matters, the court makes parenting orders setting out who the children live with and who has parental responsibility for the children.

The Family Court has implemented a single justification, not limited by any point of law, not requiring specific points of proof but allowing the court to decide on a case by case basis what is accepted as proof. The Family Court officials found they could sidestep traditional points of law to justify or substantiate any decision, decision process or group of decisions by claiming that decision was “In the Best Interests Of The Children”.

Once Best Interests Of The Children was established as their Catch-Cry, the family court virtually eliminated ALL requirements like justice, evidence, fairness, balance, etc from decision making criterion. The Family Court has, and regularly uses the ability to Set Aside legitimate, indisputable evidence supporting Men’s cases undermining a pro-female decision the court wants to make.

With “In the Best Interests Of The Children” as their stated prime consideration, they remain free to favor women, completely unbound by any, Cultural, traditional Judicial or lawful requirements. Essentially, the Family Court is became an unbound Law Unto Itself.

The Family Court has laughably tried to over the last two decades to make itself appear both Gender unbiased and more Politically Correct (PC) updating their languaging and rewording all of their guides and documentation. Nobody has any comprehension why they bothered. The most laughable is there pretense there’s a presumption of 50/50 custody. They’ve changed that to 50/50 responsibility but their own definitions as well as statistics PROVE there is no intent of that whatsoever. What 50/50 responsibility means is Women Recieve/Men Pay

What is true is far less cases are actually being ruled by the FC judges. The FC system has now put more processes and procedures in place to individually inform men what the outcomes are going to be if they push for equality. Today, you can’t even get in front of the judge until you’ve been told “These are the rulings the judge will probably make” by teams of mandatory conciliation, mediators, then arbitrators. I have only ever met one male whe managed to get majority custody. His wife had been certified mentally ill and was regularly (forcibly) institutionalised with violent mental health issues. Even with proven child endangerment, she retained approx 35% unsupervised custody. Would a man get even 1 hour supervised access in that scenario? I have never met a man with 50/50 custody regardless of how hard he fought or how alcohol or drug affected, criminally convicted, mentally ill or proven violent his wife was proven. I have met scores (if not hundreds) of men who tried, myself included.

Any man who’s been dragged, kicking and screaming through this court or seriously tried to fight for justice, fairness or balance will spend years recovering from the frustration and anger after being so disillusioned at the impossibility of obtaining a Gender unbiased outcome.

All world experts worth their weight in Cocky Shit are speaking out about how crucial fathers are for the development of children. Anyone who thinks Fathering can be done on an every second weekend basis has absolutely no concept of how consistency compounds learning, especially in self control and personal boundaries. This is what being a father is all about. This is why the majority of single mothered children end up with major problems.

What Is Parental Responsibility?

Under Australian law, parental responsibility is what a lot of people think of as ‘custody.’ The person or persons who have parental responsibility is legally responsible for the children and making ALL major decisions about their lives – such as what school they go to, what religion they are brought up with and any major medical interventions they receive.

Equal Shared Parental Responsibility

Under the Family Law Act, there is a rebuttable presumption that it is in the best interests of the child that the parents should have equal shared parental responsibility. This presumption is contained in section 61DA. However, this presumption does not apply if a parent has engaged in abuse of the child or of another child in the family or in family violence. The presumption can be rebutted with evidence that equal shared parental responsibility is not in the best interests of the child.

When making parenting arrangements, Australian family law requires the best interests of the children to be the paramount consideration. These matters are not about the parents’ rights to spend time with the children but rather the children’s right to spend time with parents if it is in their best interests. As a principle, I wholeheartedly agree, however when used as a thinly veiled justification to strip men of ANY and ALL decision making in the child’s upbringing, this is blatant Power Abuse. Men don’t just lose time to educate their children, men aren’t allowed to decide on anything from education, health, sporting activities, holiday times etc unless the mother WANTS the father to be part of it.

There is now 50/50 responsibility which roughly translates as bracketed

there is a presumption that both parents will have an equal parental responsibility—that is, they will both have a role in making decisions about major long-term issues such as where a child goes to school (Mother decides, Father pays!) or major health issues. (Mother chooses doctors, treatments, enrolments, sports, hobbies, activities, courses etc. – Father pays!)

The presumption does not apply if the parent engaged in abuse of the child or family violence. (MOTHER ACCUSES RAPE, VIOLENCE, ABUSE, FEAR, GETS FALSE AVO – FATHER GETS LOCKED OUT AND PAYS MORE).

So why do you think these accusations and AVO hearings are so prevalent now, it takes 18 months – 2 years to even get a hearing? First is the setting of precedence that after occupying the house for this long, it’s her home now plus the big one. While she’s in paid support, the mother will usually be trying to get a Medical Diagnosis on the child.

Fake Medical conditions

It’s widely understood the Family Court favours mothers even more if there may be ongoing medical issue with a child. For some completely undefined reason, Family Court believes men can’t care for imperfect children. This leads to Faking symptoms being demonstrated to doctors to obtain Fake illness certification. The usual diagnoses sought to win in Family Court are ADD, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder because once a “shopped doctor” diagnoses, the diagnosis can’t be disproved

The mothers choice clearly permits Doctor shopping so if doctors 1 through 5 diagnose no Autism and doctor 6 diagnoses Autism, the single doctor’s opinion the mother wants always overrides the 5 agreeing correct diagnoses even ignoring clear proof in the diagnosis the symptoms are all Mother Reported after the prior doctors have provided those same reasons as rejection. The man will usually have to pay for all 6 plus future ongoing treatments.

Here’s how this Child seizing well beaten path process rolls out;

  • Mother applies for interim custody on the basis the child is not well and has one of the listed conditions (clearly proving the mother wants her prescribed outcome not a genuine diagnosis)
  • Family Court grants
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining first assessment which usually rejects diagnosis because the doctor doesn’t observe symptoms A to E
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining second assessment and verbally reports her observation of symptoms A to E. Doctor 2 usually rejects diagnosis because the doctor doesn’t observe symptoms F to H
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining third assessment and verbally reports her observation of symptoms A to H. Doctor 3 usually rejects diagnosis because the doctor doesn’t observe symptoms I to K
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining fourth assessment and verbally reports her observation of symptoms A to K. Doctor 4 usually rejects diagnosis because the doctor doesn’t observe symptoms L to P
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining fifth assessment and verbally reports her observation of symptoms A to P Doctor 5 usually rejects diagnosis because the doctor doesn’t observe symptoms Q to T
  • Mother makes appointment obtaining sixth assessment and verbally reports her observation of symptoms A to T. Doctor 6 usually accepts mothers diagnosis often detailing symptoms A to T were reported by mother
  • Family Court is presented with the sixth report diagnosing condition. If the father has managed to obtain all reports he can clearly demonstrate the pattern of coaching
  • Family Court rejects 5 Correct reports and embraces the sixth coached report justifying award of custody to mother
  • By the time this has delayed hearings, the court will also choose to accept the mothers argument Status Quo has now been set so it is disruptive to children to change current arrangements

This has been a very well known path for eliminating or minimising a father’s contact for more than since the early ’90’s and shows no sign of reducing capacity to manipulate Family Court results in the future. Statics appear to show steady growth in this Court manipulation process.

Child Custody

In Australia, we’ve sweetened the language to the new PC version. Residence and Access

Most readers understand the percentages of separated families that share custody equally is less than 10%. Worse is the statistic showing women score 27% of Sole custody while men get 2%. One of the most telling statistics is 18% of men see their children in the daytime only, vs. 1% of women, ensuring Total fiscal responsibility falling upon fathers even wanting their children. It appears unheard of for a court to award the father major care without:

  • VERY substantial Drug, Mental Health or Alcohol problems consistently demonstrated with copious quantities of irrefutable supporting evidence STRONGLY demonstrating the mother’s complete inability to care for the children.
  • The mother doesn’t want the children

It’s strongly argued by the feminist groups Men simply don’t want the children and just Give Them Away. If this is true, why are so many Men’s groups fighting for custodial equity? The vast majority of responsible lawyers advise their male clients to accept far less because even in light of the supposed 50/50 parenting assumption, the over-riding decision factor is if that can be achieved without conflict. What this means is if the mother simply opposes 50/50 and throws in a few Bullshit unproven allegations, conflict is assured, Almost by definition, Conflict means VICTORY for females, complete with all financial benefits as well as the ability to weaponize access to the children.

Every female in Australia over 10 years old knows all this. These specific laws and application thereof is exactly why Australia is one of the most highly prized targets for the entire world’s Mail Order brides. This is precisely why Australian men are so targeted for Romance scams.

Lawyers know and understand the mother gets what she wants regardless of the PC languaging the Family Court system has now adopted.

Court Instructs WOMEN how to win, usurping child control & finances.

By publishing guides like this (edits to text in italicised bold capitals below) women can PROVE shared care can’t work in their “Special” case every single time.

When does shared parenting time appear to work well?2

The research suggests that such substantial sharing of parenting time after separation (roughly a third of time or more with each parent) works best when parents:

  • Live reasonably close to the children’s other parent – JUST MOVE AWAY
  • Can contain any negative feelings associated with their separation – both in the presence of the children and in the presence of the children’s other parent – START ARGUMENTS, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO CAN’T
  • Can resolve the inevitable disagreements and misunderstandings that crop up – for example, issues arising out of unexpected illnesses or other unplanned developments (such things occur in both “intact” and separated families but are more easily misinterpreted after separation) – DISAGREE ON ANYTHING OR EVERYTHING
  • Can accept (even if it is not easy) that the other parent has a right to live his or her new life and that the children have a right to a meaningful relationship with that parent – DON’T ACCEPT EX’s NEW LIFE OR PARTNER
  • Are neither menacing towards nor fearful of the other parent – CLAIM YOU FEAR ATTACK OR WORSE, ALLEDGE ONE
  • Know that the children are basically “on board” with this form of shared parenting and can manage moving between two “home bases” – SAY THE CHILDREN ARE UPSET, UNSETTLED OR SAY CHILDREN DON’T WANT TO GO

Even the government advice states There is no rule that children must spend equal or “50:50” time with each parent.

50/50 My Arse!

If this GOVERNMENT statement doesn’t make ZERO EQUALITY OR EQUITY super clear, what does?

Shared parental responsibility is not the same as equal time. Parents will spend equal time with a child only where:

  • they can agree to this arrangement – AGAIN, WIN BY JUST DISAGREEING, IT’S THAT EASY!
  • or
  • a court finds that equal time is in the best interests of the child and is the most suitable arrangement.

THE MONEY FLOWS WHERE THE KIDS SLEEP, When women fight for the kids, the complete understanding attached is the percentage of property division and the huge ongoing paycheck follows, hence the saying,


This is completely deliberate and is being perpetrated deliberately. The Radical Feminist movement were instrumental in the establishment and setting up of the entire Family Court system. Family Court was built around the Duluth Model.

TOP Experts are telling Government How insane Rewarding Evil is. Government ignores logic for Feminist demands.

Joke Of The Day

Q: What is the difference between a feminist and a hockey player? A: A hockey player showers after three periods!

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