Escalating Demands

Attributed (correctly or not, who knows?) to Albert Einstein is one of the most famous of all relationship quotes, “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.”

I get it, I’m probably going to be torn to shreds for this but I often wonder if the primary cause is due to a primal dominance instinct. This instinct basically displays itself as Push, Push, Push. The Pack leader is the individual that pushes and shoves the most, the most often, the hardest or the first. I’m no world behavioural or psychology expert but I tend to be at least pretty good at observation and reading witness marks.

I’ve both observed and read from others who’ve observed, similar instincts aren’t just common, they ARE the animal world. Let’s look a a few typical examples;

Dogs. The Pack leader will be first through a doorway, the first to sit on the “Top step”, control and share food supply, subordinates must move out of the leader’s way, The alpha will also care for subordinates. They will control all interactions with subordinates. Contrary to popular belief, the pack leader often won’t be the strongest dog but the strongest willed.

Horses. Generally, herd leaders are almost universally, the most dominant mare. Again, consistently leading by regular assertiveness. Assertiveness is often demonstrated by food control, a nip here, a kick there. It shows in a determination to lead the herd to resources or safe grounds. These behaviors attain horses higher rank in the herd. Pushing is done with a mix of dominance behaviours. Any horse may commence group movement when spooked but higher ranked horses or the lead mare will usually control whether movement continues. Initial movement often appears to be Fight or Flight initiation. Stallions generally protect but not lead. They rarely exercise the continuity of dominance behaviours. A common sign of leadership dominance when riding domesticated horses, animals wanting to be herd leader will try to lead others in group rides. This occurs more commonly if the horse doesn’t respect the rider.

Birds: Dominant individuals will usually select higher perches to put themselves in the best position to detect and avoid predators, as well as to display their dominance. They will do this generally by continuously pushy behaviour, out=chirping others, however some species will outright fight.

African elephant: Leadership is very often about ongoing decision making rather than aggression. Elephants live long lives, and matriarchs survive across many generations. This gives them more experience to lead their herd to sources of food and water.

Bonobo or Pygmy chimpanzee: A very close human relative. Nearly, if not always, females lead, controlling conflicts with either aggression or sex. They usually reduce conflict by distracting or diverting the attention of aggravated animals with genital stimulation. They use physical touch on an agitated individual’s genitals. Observers aren’t certain if this is because they lead by affection or manipulation however, they are known to inflict serious injuries on unresponsive males to keep control.

In most cases, the pack/herd/pride leadership is not decided by who fights the best but who is demanding, pushy and making and enforcing the most “Day to Day” decisions.

Yeah, I get it. For this, I will probably be discredited as a moron, argued to be sexist, misogynistic, hateful, derogatory, (you know all those words) for comparing us to the animal kingdom. That’s just what Feminists call it if a male says anything they don’t like. In the famous words of Rhett Butler, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

Many of the animal behaviours I’ve learned about, I understand from Female’s observation and conclusion. These constructive, investigative, independent minded females’ opinions matter a whole lot more to me than Huge packs of internet based Feminist bully gangs.

Human females appear to be exercising this common instinct. The new relationship is her new pack. When females first decide a man is of genuine interest, their first serious indicator is starting to feminise HIS pad. Heaven help him if he’s stupid enough to try to masculinise hers. I’ve tried it as an experiment. You should see the reactions. PRICELESS!

Second will be marking territory, leaving undies or other feminine things in locations other females would spot them.

The next thing she’ll do is want to dispose of his possessions to substitute things of their “Mutual choice”. Does he have any input to the mutual thing – DREAM ON!

Cohabitation occurs: By then, new rules just keep appearing, one after the other starting with how often floors need sweeping, where shoes have to be stored to the position of the Goddamned toilet seat.

Do any of these new rules really matter? Well, that depends on two things. How hard she buys into the feminist crap and whether she can coerce the male into compliance with Guilt Inducement, persistent subtle pushing or coercion. Many psychologists and relationship experts see them as “testing” the man’s strength and resolve. What is so amusing once you just stand back and watch is that any man who tries these behaviours on in reverse is (you guessed it) overpowering, dominating, aggressive, yadah, yadah, yadah. Clearly, I don’t agree with physicality or aggression but men should no longer accept this behaviour if we’re living with genuine EQUALITY.

Now, how did these changes happen? Usually, subtle, ongoing pressure. “This bed hurts my back”, “This bed is too hard to make”, “this kitchen is a bad layout”. “This car can’t carry enough shopping” (or if it can, “uses too much fuel”). New rules will start with suggestion conversation such as “I was just thinking……………….” “I’d really like it if………….” or “Can you imagine………………” .

These new rules and changes are often, just the warm up because within just a few short years, his dream car will be sold, his house will be gone to pay for the one she wants, most of his photos or paintings will be given to family “Donated” and you might see a few token items of his left. Ironically. in many cases, when men don’t put up sufficient resistance they become regarded as weak and respect is lost. Alternately, if these rules and changes are fought too hard, the man will be seen as either too hard to get along with or some related set of emotions .

Again, what’s really funny is asks how many times percentage wise, we’ve seen the same behaviour where the male does this and the female sticks around? I’d also love to hear in the comments, what do YOU you call it when a male takes charge of a female’s home, finances or assets?

So what do YOU think? When a female takes charge. Is this behaviour coercion or not and WHY?

Why do men generally put up with it?

Inherently, observation shows MOST Men just want to care for, look after and protect their lady. Most men just want to make their lady happy. What do YOU think and WHY?

If a man even attempts this behaviour, it is now legally deemed Domestic Violence by Coercion. Our Radical Feminist steered government have heavily bought into that narrative. Don’t agree? Look at Laugh Time

Am I saying men never use coercive or manipulative behaviours? NO, of course not. In fact, I have seen it many times (albeit usually in smaller quantities and much less often). Here’s my favourite

Joke Of The Day

3 men turn up to play a round at the local golf course. The were discussing getting their wives permission to get a day out on the course. The first says, “I cooked, I cleaned, I did the laundry and prepared the school lunches for the entire week” so she begrudgingly said I’d earned it. The second guy says “Wow, you got it easy, I had to paint the house, inside and out, pay for new furniture and service her car, after that she finally agreed I could have a day off. The first two looked at the third guy for his story and he said “Well, I knew she’d have no idea, so when I woke up I said It’s my birthday so I get to choose – Golf course or Intercourse” she said “Don’t forget your hat!”

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