Feminism, the enemy?

This page is to describe Feminism, what it is, it’s roots, the good it’s done and how it has degenerated into the Massively profitable, society destroying Mis-Information Business model it is now.

This page can be heavy reading. If you want to know why it’s worth the time, skip to the lower sections then come back and read with the final 2 sections in mind.

Why has Feminism become so destructively radical, to the point of Fundamentalism? Radicals seriously want to dismantle our entire society and rebuild it with unworkable tenets.

Clearly, all of the rights and equalities pursued by the Women’s Liberation movement, (First and Second Wave Feminism) have been enshrined in legislation and permeated Western society sufficiently that Active Feminism is now a clear minority of women. You only need to see the schock on the faces of the kids (below) sorting balls to know even children deservedly expect gender equality.

Watch the reactions as the Feminist Liar states they are paid differently for exactly the same work, kids know that’s wrong already. Society knows that’s illegal. The Feminist manipulatively deceives the children, knowing she’s talking about average earnings for different roles, different hours different responsibilities and competencies
When Adults can’t convince other adults of their logically incorrect conclusions, they’ll resort to psychologically Brain-Washing children because children don’t have the power of reasoning to reject untrue doctrine.
Why are women really paid less than men?

How many women are Feminists and where does it lead?

The vast majority of women no longer consider themselves as unequal. Most women recognise there are Gender differences that causing nominal advantages and disadvantages but up until probably 10-15 years ago, equality was quite well achieved. From the 70’s to ’90, I was a Feminist supporter, remaining so as long as equality is the target. I actively support several Non-Radical Feminist principles and groups such as I-Feminism and Egalitarian Feminism.

Why didn’t things settle down once equality was achieved? My opinion after researching many ideas; Financial greed Power, Anger and Entitlement mentality. A fine thanks for most men supporting Equality legislation.

Unfortunately, control the movement has been taken over by Financially motivated Entitlement minded Third and Fourth wave feminists who just want to find anything to antagonise and fight about. They’re the ones who set strategy, determine targets, design legislative demands and make the huge money publishing everything from Ms magazine to DV TV commercials. They control the Rank and File (plebs) of the movement who are the Angry demanders you see and hear protesting and shutting down anyone who disbelieves in the Tyrannical Male Dominated Hierarchy concepts pushed by the Duluth Model.

Feminist activism today has denigrated to covert lobbying with willfully disingenuous Information combined with deceptive behaviour and complete denial of true statistics. This includes political and legal backdooring, Child Brainwashing, deliberate degradation of men and malicious entrapment of men.

The movement leaders and partner companies understand conflict generates power, profit is generated from power. These leaders are the people motivating the Angry plebs you see yelling on the street. Little do most Angry plebs realise, they’re just the noisemakers enabling the Feminist Leaders’ Business model to make its fortune. The more anger and publicity the Rank and File create, the greater the lobbying power for the Movement leaders to sell super profitable services. Services ranging from ludicrously incorrect advertising campaigns to designing and organising societally unwanted education for children, incommensurate data surveys or my personal favourite, providing One-Sided studies demonstrating how men need more legal restraint and must take more responsibility for bad female behaviour and bad female choices.

With the massive noise and humongous advertising budgets Feminists use to control media, you’d assume it’s like 97.23% of women identify as Feminist. Guess again, 75%, No, try again, 50%? Not even close. Independant Western World surveys show a little over 1/5th, yes, less than 25% of women even identify themselves as Feminist. In fact, more than half of Western world women see Feminism as negative. Ironically, Feminist designed and implemented surveys declare figures of up to 90%.

But all these Male domination, Rape Culture and Violence issues are huge aren’t they? Well, yes, if you ask Radical Feminists. What’s even more destructive now, Feminism has formed into a higher number of unregulated, VERY LOUD, well organised, highly funded Splinter group factions. Each Radical Feminists group screams their own particular brand, element or tilt on Feminism. These factions are Quasi-tied together under a Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism umbrella, Hijacking the term Feminism from genuine and real Feminist groups like I-Feminism and Egalitarian Feminism.

How has Feminism justified placing all blame on men, for everything?

That is a great question. A question even most younger feminists couldn’t answer.

The answer is the Feminist model has adopted and sold the Duluth Model. The Duluth Model used what’s known as Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs (DAIP) began in 1980 as an initiative to reform the criminal justice system in Duluth, Minnesota. This effort became known as “The Duluth Model.” Is that a problem?

That’s not the Million Dollar question, it’s the Multi-Billion Dollar question and Oh, boy, did they get it wrong!

The Duluth Model was so empirically flawed, it couldn’t possibly be correct unless you deliberately build an entire new reality around it. That’s exactly what Radical Feminism has been doing using illogical Neo-Marxism, Postmodernism thinking ever since. The Duluth Model has been adopted by no-one other than the Feminist movement and those they could sell it to for political and fiscal purposes. I used the term, sell it, both deliberately and correctly! (Will show later)

It was first sold to our criminal Judicial systems, then to law makers rewriting Family law throughout the Western world. It’s been sold to Universities, Police forces, Human resource education and many others.

Family Law systems and processes have clearly been written wrapped very tightly in the Duluth model as will be obvious very soon.

Why is the Duluth Model critically flawed

I’d strongly like to suggest you read our full page on the Duluth Model because it doesn’t just demonstrate it’s absurdity, the writer, Ellen Pence, a Neo Marxist feminist, tells you how she made up this ludicrous systems.

We can go through the basics of their teachings here, but to get the depth and effects, our Duluth Model page will show Line by Line, Wheel by Wheel how they interpret the world. We’ll also direct you to the Duluth Models own website for confirmation.

In essence, the model reclassifies Domestic Violence to demonstrate every single thing a woman wants, she gets or it is DV. It then shows even if a woman stabs, shoots or burns a man, even kills him in a premeditated attack, that’s not Domestic Violence. You can’t make this stuff up, seriously! The Duluth model blames men for every possibility.

By their doctrine, “… the Duluth model essentially views all female transgressions (including unprovoked stabbings and shootings) as being self-defensive in nature (even against children!) and can be attributed either to previous victimization by a male or to an allegedly oppressive “patriarchy” (Dutton and Corvo, 2007)”.

Their theory provides virtually no realistic possibilities a woman can have either started or escalated conflict completely dismissing female violence, abuse, coercion, emotional abuse etc. When I first stumbled across this, I thought it was someone’s sarcastic rant or a hoax site like ManBeef.com. After many hours of researching I understood how and why it had been covertly snuck into Western world legislation and how both criminal and Family law had been hijacked.

The Duluth Model defines and limits Violence to Male only attacks female using these tenets

It is violence if a male is;

  • Making her afraid by using looks
  • Making her afraid by actions
  • Making her afraid by gestures
  • Smashing things
  • Destroying her property
  • Abusing pets
  • Displaying weapons
  • Putting her down,
  • Making her feel bad about herself,
  • Calling her names,
  • Making her think she’s crazy
  • Playing mind games
  • Humiliating her
  • Making her feel guilty
  • Controlling what she does
  • Controlling who she sees and talks to
  • Controlling what she reads
  • Controlling where she goes
  • Limiting her outside involvement
  • Using jealousy to justify actions
  • Minimizing, Denying and Blaming
  • Making light of the abuse and not taking her concerns about it seriously
  • Saying the abuse didn’t happen
  • Shifting responsibility for abusive behaviour
  • Saying she caused it
  • Making her feel guilty about the children
  • Using the children to relay messages
  • Using visitation to harass her
  • Threatening to take the children away
  • Treating her like a servant
  • Making all the big decisions
  • Acting like the “master of the castle”
  • Being the one to define men’s and women’s roles
  • Preventing her from getting or keeping a job
  • Making her ask for money
  • Giving her an allowance
  • Taking her money
  • Not letting her know about or have access to family income
  • Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt her
  • Threatening to leave her
  • Threatening to commit suicide
  • Threatening to report her to welfare
  • Making her drop charges
  • Making her do illegal things

It is NOT Violence if a female is;

  • Making him afraid by using looks
  • Making him afraid by actions
  • Making him afraid by gestures
  • Smashing things
  • Destroying her property
  • Abusing pets
  • Displaying weapons
  • Putting him down,
  • Making him feel bad about herself,
  • Calling him names,
  • Making him think he’s crazy
  • Playing mind games
  • Humiliating him
  • Making him feel guilty
  • Controlling what he does
  • Controlling who he sees and talks to
  • Controlling what he reads
  • Controlling where he goes
  • Limiting his outside involvement
  • Using jealousy to justify actions
  • Minimizing, Denying and Blaming
  • Making light of the abuse and not taking his concerns about it seriously
  • Saying the abuse didn’t happen
  • Shifting responsibility for abusive behaviour
  • Saying he caused it
  • Making him feel guilty about the children
  • Using the children to relay messages
  • Using visitation to harass him
  • Threatening to take the children away
  • Treating him like a servant (or just a paycheck)
  • Making all the big decisions
  • acting like the “Queen of the castle”
  • being the one to define men’s and women’s roles
  • Preventing him from getting or keeping a job
  • making him ask for money
  • Giving him an allowance
  • Taking his money
  • Not letting him know about or have access to family income
  • Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt him
  • Threatening to leave him
  • Threatening to commit suicide
  • Threatening to report him to welfare or Child Support
  • Making him drop charges
  • Making him do illegal things

According to the Duluth Model, if a woman has a gambling problem and destroys the family finances and the man even tries to limit her problem gambling, that is DV.

I feel I can speak for every male friend as well as myself on this issue. If any of us was aware any man was abusing either a woman or children, we wouldn’t question doing everything possible to intervene immediately and ensure an offending male was brought to justice, one way or another! Most are too intimidated to report Female abusers.

Obviously, how can the Duluth’s SHIT-LIST be single gendered, men don’t want Tyrannical Overlord power to destroy women. TRUE Equality is just fine!

Clearly the principle creator, Ellen Louise Pence (April 15, 1948 – January 6, 2012) a social activist and Feminist was either outright delusional or was just completely hell-bent on blaming men and her pet Patriarchal Hierarchy for every possibility. Don’t believe me, look for yourself. According to the Echo Chamber that wrote the Duluth Model ideology a woman can’t have either started or escalated conflict, dismissing all female violence, abuse, coercion, emotional abuse etc. as self defence even when proven unprovoked.

This theory is Nonsensical. How do I know so strongly how wrong this theory is? Personal Experience! If you’d like to see the Truth of Domestic Violence, click the link

Why do Feminists adopt, sell, mandate and push the Duluth Model?

The Model was written to empower the Male Dominated Hierarchy claims that have been disproven continuously since the Model’s creation, but with clever backdoor placement, while avoiding legitimate debate, the model appeals to highly emotionally charged decision makers. Highly emotion charged and desperate decision makers will snatch concepts that prevent the immediate problem they’re focussed on, even at the expense of critical thinking or logical sense. Emotion charged and desperate decision makers will ignore larger consequential issues of an immediate fix.

The Duluth model blames men for every bad possibility, providing the excuse to remove and strip them. The theory provides no possibilities women start or share in the violence, dismissive of female violence, abuse, coercion, emotional abuse, by excusing it. This makes it the absolutely ideal platform for hate speech, Female victimisation, Female financial benefits, Females to be awarded men’s property, etc. The correct question is really, why wouldn’t Radical Feminists scream this dogma at the top of their lungs?

This model documents illogical Radical Feminist Neo-Marxist, Postmodernism thinking promoted from the late ’60’s blaming the Tyrannical Patriarchal Hierarchy for everything a Radical feminists dislike. They’re succeeding in rewriting history, dismantling our entire legal and social structure, rebuilding it as a Female only led Tyrannical Matriarchy. Our governments and judicial systems have succumbed to their covert back door pressure. They have already caved. We’re now in Damage control.

Why did Courts, Universities and Law makers accept it?

Massive covert lobbying by a well funded, well a organised political machine that had no mobile opposition. The immediate effects of blaming, shaming, separating and punishing men met the immediate emotional need of preventing intercouple of violence, regardless of who offended. The immediate violence reducing shortcut fuelled support. Immediately feminists could demonstrate how blaming and removing men prevented violence regardless of truth, they had a set of biased statistics they could implant.

The high level Feminist management have embraced this as a war and have fought it using obscured guerilla tactics for over 50 years. They’re practiced at tactical deception (as taught in Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War). By divert attention to Lie based headlines and the Loud diversionary plebs like these two below, they gather emotional support while getting you to focus elsewhere enabling planting of plant their explosives into institutions. It’s like the Shell game, while you’re watching this, you sneak in the bombs.

Don’t ever let the truth stand in the way of a Great Headline!
Here’s what happens when Feminists don’t agree with each other. Men can’t behave like this. Men would sign their own death warrants.

Why did courts and legislators allow it stay?

Efficiency! It was very cheap, fast and easy to administer from a court’s perspective, both short and long term. “Poor innocent, inoffensive, truthful woman defiled by Vicious, Abusive Coercive man. SLAM-DUNK! No need to listen to much after the opening statement.” That’s what Duluth says;

  1. Convict or Penalise Man
  2. Give kids to woman
  3. Give assets to woman
  4. Give Man’s income to woman
  5. Award damages to woman
  6. Now, she doesn’t rely on Social Welfare or have to work unless she wants to.
  7. No ongoing conflict or appeals because HE knows the system won’t listen to real evidence, facts or statistics.

Universities are embracing it even more firmly than Judicial systems because of their Far-Left wing, Female dominated stance and larger female constituency. Within just a few short years, Universities will most likely have eliminated Male students other than in the core STEM subjects, subjects females generally have little interest in

So what is this Third and Fourth wave feminism?

Once the legal framework and application of equality laws were entrenched, the Angry, Entitled part of the mob refused to stop. They were making huge money out of the memberships, enormous advertising and support budgets from government and donor funding but there was no clear target. This threatened a reduction in cashflow. The answer was simple. Third Wave Feminism openly accepted achievement of “traditional feminist agendas” so they sought to challenge or avoid what it deemed the second wave’s “essentialist definitions” of feminism.

In other words, Third and Fourth Waver’s were free to create an entirely new SHIT-LIST to throw at men. According to their own tenure, that list is able to be increased, redefined, altered or changed by anyone identifying as Feminist.

third-wave feminists embraced individualism in women and diversity and sought to redefine what it meant to be a feminist.[2][5][6] The third wave saw the emergence of new feminist currents and theories, such as intersectionalitysex positivityvegetarian ecofeminismtransfeminism, and postmodern feminism. According to feminist scholar Elizabeth Evans, the “confusion surrounding what constitutes third-wave feminism is in some respects its defining feature.”[7]


We’re now into what’s known as Fourth Wave Feminism which has adopted it’s own further splintered lists of at least 8 major and dozens of minor Feminist Types together with an innumerable list of complaints ranging from Domestic Violence, Body Shaming, Oppression, Legal rights, degradation, prostitution, childcare, and seriously, if you look hard enough, the color ranges of plastic wrapping will be a Male-Forced form of oppression if you look hard enough.

In order to keep to keep this diversity of Feminism, we now have huge numbers of organisations ranging from small clubs to many multi-million dollar industries built around these themes. Every one of these groups is struggling for support and membership amongst a declining population of women prepared to Fly the Flag. This is why the remainder demand total loyalty and strict adherence to the tenure.

So how do these groups pay for all this? Really simple, Follow any Human Right model. Adopt it as a war, What are the steps to fight any war? See if this follows Hitler’s pattern right up to the invasion of Poland.

  1. Create views why you’re not getting what you want
  2. Choose an Enemy
  3. Create polarising arguments why the enemy is responsible
  4. Ignore true statistics, create your own artificial stories and statistics
  5. Publicise how you’ve been hurt (not getting what you want)
  6. Campaign for membership
  7. Extract fees, charges etc to invest into radicalising sales material
  8. Start your Propaganda campaign to the public.
  9. Rinse and repeat 3 to 8 producing better propaganda
  10. Demand public or agency funding to assist victims
  11. Demand public or agency funding to campaign against problem
  12. Implement Extremist, Alarmist Disaster and Danger languaging amplifying your message
  13. Lobby politicians using Shawshank Redemption library funding request method for funds and small law changes
  14. Start allegations or have members create allegation studies (true or false is irrelevant) to emotionalise
  15. Quote studies as FACTS (true or false is irrelevant) pushing anger and frustration
  16. Lobby using artificial manufactured data
  17. Create stories by having members interview other members, push fictitious stories through all Media channels.
  18. Implement demands for studies to be done using your biased prescribed questions to get answers you want
  19. Control groups studied (ie only survey women) ignoring Random Respondent survey rules.
  20. Collaborate with Members using data to generate higher Alarmist levels to build more propaganda material.
  21. Rinse and Repeat 3 to 21

Ignore facts and statistics not supporting your narrative (maybe where the purported victim is the offender)

If you think Point 4 is wrong, watch this!

By continuing this process repetitively, dreaming up more complaints by endless staring at Duluth’s Wheels, creating cumulative small law changes. Nobody fights the small incremental law changes until massive damage has reached public revulsion level. By this time, culturally, this indoctrination has permeated society with the general populace not having a clue they’ve been coerced into believing all this deliberately manufactured dogma. If you don’t get this, just think about how the German population were conned to hate the Jews.

Feminist management knows, the angrier you can get the plebs and the wider and louder the plebs scream, their pier pressure ensures ongoing new members. There’ll always be a long line of Angry/Entitled people subscribing to this dogma because it eliminates any personal responsibility for their dissatisfaction or lack of success. On subscription to Radical Feminism, nothing is ever their fault again. Everything is the fault of this dangerously, tyrannical patriarchal oppression machine that stops me achieving. Real Feminist like I-Feminists and Egalitarian Feminists oppose this doctrine.

How do you silence Men?

That’s not so hard at all, men by nature aren’t huge Team players. Yes, they play on Sports teams, they form interest based clubs and so forth but generally, men either best work alone or in small groups and generally only change that for competitive or collaborative play. Men, by nature don’t want to either fight with or be seen to fight with women. It contradicts normal Animal and Human instinct to protect females. To even try to set up groups to conflict with females sets up Cognitive Dissonance triggers in us. That’s why all the traditional marriage Memes like “Happy Wife, Happy Life” or “Whatever she asks, Just say Yes!” have been around longer than I have.

If you want to see how Feminists silence both men and women who speak against the Duluth Model of Tyrannical Patriarchal dominance and their pretence of Woman-beating being normal male behaviour, here’s the truth.

I understand by putting truth out there, I’m just as likely to come under attack like others who’ve spoken of statistical misinformation at the core of the Radical Feminism. I get the concept of becoming a marked zebra.

I understand there will probably be attempts to silence or intimidate me into taking this down. I also understand Radical Feminists make Death and Bomb threats against many who speak credibly against their ideologies. This is prepaid for 10 years so if I suddenly go missing, it will continue. Other delegates are appointed to manage. Think I’m exaggerating, listen to Erin below.

The Funny Part

Once you understand how this highly lucrative industry works, it really is quite amusing to watch. The part that’s so funny is the most Dedicated Loud, Screaming, Antagonists are the ones that get the screwed over by the whole deal. The Attack Dog Plebs are eternally unhappy, outside their comrades no one likes them, men won’t keep calling them back, many end up with criminal convictions, they see the world through Shit-Stained glasses and live in fear their piers will turn on them like Erin Pizzey who received Feminist’s death and bomb threats and had a pet murdered simply for acknowledging men are often assaulted by women as well.

If you think Erin Pizzey was the only woman or person targeted with violence, death threats, bomb threats and so forth, you may try researching Esther Vilar, Suzanne Steinmetz, Richard Gelles Murray Straus (Many more to follow)

The Business Model of Feminism

I see the Modern Feminist movement as a very clever multi level marketing system. As the Generals or Sergeants recognise the size of the Financial pie the Top Level Feminist organisers are chewing on, they realise they’ll only ever be a small fish in a big pond, arranging and working for Huge Business profiteers.

The answer to the profits? Look for a niche, then start a new brand/tilt/form of feminism. These splinter groups, just like religion, allow those little fish to find their own small pond and become the big fish in it. So, like Christianity, you have Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Seven Day Bike Riders, Brethren, Hussites & Quakers, just to name a few. In Feminism, we have dozens including Liberal, Radical, Cultural, Socialist, Marxist, Eco, Black, Postmodern, Postculture, Separatist and I-Feminism, just to name a few! Due to it’s Financial profitability and ease to recruit entitled, angry plebs, Radical Feminism has exploded, spawning many sub-types of Radical Feminism.

Here’s just one list of Feminist types

Bear in mind, most of these Feminist splinter organisations also have geographical and/or sectorial specific groups and chapters.
This is a huge USD $Multi-Billion industry.

The Money and the profit shares per faction

This is a typical arrangement of responsibilities, asset ownership, cash flows and business values

Level NamePurposeTrue Care FactorMilitancyProfit %ageBusiness Value
Top LevelPlan and design strategies and campaigns.
Plot objectives and sequence targets.
Own/Control Financial Trust/Company structure.
Control ownership of Support properties where possible.
Own/Control Marketing and/or Support businesses
Seriously? This is about moneyAgitators of Militancy.
Pretence of Massive
LargeUp to
$Hundreds of Millions
GeneralsOrganise and implement marketing strategies and organise Lobbyists.
Design and sequence marketing tools, materials and advertising.
Run Feminism meetings, Indoctrinate plebs.
Very High, at least until they realise this is about moneyHighLowGood Pay Rate plus large bonuses.
The best may get shares and dividends
SergeantsOrganise and implement support services such as emergency housing, support workers, advocates and client legal-aid etc.
Run Feminism meetings, Indoctrinate plebs.
Very High, at least until they realise this is about money HighLowFair Pay Rate plus small bonuses
LobbyistsPrepare and submit Lobby submissions.
Prepare templates for plebs to mass mail
HighDedicated Back room helpersLowFair Pay Rate plus small bonuses
Marketing BusinessesProvide marketing materials ranging from Flyers to TV Campaigns.
Materials range from DV ads to Pay Gap ads, etc.
Creation or research for misleading statistics
Low. Pretence of HighPretence of High HUGEHuge Turnover with very low overhead
Support BusinessesProvide Female support services such as housing, Social support systems, Material aid etcMedium to High Owner, Theatrical,
Staff, High
MediumHigh turnover with reliable clientele and steady Govt and Donor funding
Small BusinessesSell Feminism based products, regularly by drop-shipping, usually Feminism-brand aligned providing donations to Feminist groupsPretence of HighTheatricalSmall to MediumAnything from small Part time income to a few hundred thousand dollars per year
PlebsStir Shit, Make a nuisance of themselves, Agitate, Make life hard for othersMedium to ExtremeRange Normal to ExtremeNegativeMost Plebs pay their own expenses and supply their own tools or equipment
Typical Financial arrangement of Feminism organisations

We’re currently gathering data on the huge corporates financially backing these organisations. The Name and Shame coming up from this research will change the products and services you buy and who you buy them from. I can let you know the lists include Banks, Car manufacturers, Hygiene and personal care products, Clothing manufacturers and BIG retailers. Most have been supporting these Minority Disruptor groups in complete knowledge of their Societal damage for either short term profits or to sell more product.

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