No Good Men

What are the reasons this is the catch cry of such a massive number of women? There are ample sites, YouTube channels etc out there detailing why this phenomenon is growing. Whilst there is very good informative info if you look hard enough, there is tons of angry anti-male and anti-female raving. Feel free to watch professional experts in this detailed video or just skip to the main points below it.

In general, the main reasons are;

The Hard Truth

I tried to write this in as balanced way as possible. I tried to sugar coat many of the issues with generalities and gender balancing where I could but realised sometimes, you just have to say it how you see it.

The real answer is ludicrously simple. If you’re the Top level Alpha male RomCom star, you’ll be the Sex Toy for the hordes, you’ll have the coin and all the FWB’s you’ll want. You won’t risk losing it all with a permanent relationship. Women will have trained you to just keep trading in for a newer firmer fitting model. You’ll just pretend you’re interested in a relationship to keep it wet.

Normal respectable men watch this behaviour daily, while getting sick to death of being treated by women as unworthy, second rate, dangerous tyrannical pariahs, with ATM stamped on their forehead. They watch this up until a particular female decides she wants children right now, after hitting the biological clock’s snooze button a few times and done everything she wanted. These normal, Good earning, stably employed guys know they weren’t good enough until her eggs are cracking and decides to settle.

Men today, understand most females regard men as disposable sperm donors, both for play and child siring. Men commonly understand they’re a convenience. All Western men know divorce or a sexless marriage is far more likely than successful mutually respectful marriages. Both options, almost universally instigated by dissatisfied women.

Every Western World man can’t help but know if he sires offspring, everything he’s worked for, even long before he met her, automatically transfers to the offspring’s mother. Anything the female doesn’t get will go to litigious lawyers. They also know they will be paying, in most cases, far more in Child Support than the FULL cost of raising the children, especially if the mother decides she just doesn’t want to continue the career she thought would be so easy to dominate. The older men get, the worse this gets because there’s no possibility to recover once the kids finish education.

Every Western man knows the children will, more often than not, be used as a political football ensuring he does whatever she demands. Most females won’t treat any male at or near their own level as partner material until she’s wanting babies. Most men know they’ll only become partner material once she’s “Clucky” or worse.

Combine these risks with all the PC garbage men are expected to perform, being fully attentive to the empowered woman’s feelings, while conversely knowing the Catch 22 he faces. He’s supposed to be both strong, yet sensitive, if he does show his feelings, respect will be lost but if he doesn’t show sensitivity, he’s a misogynistic tyrant. Success is logically impossible. With all these Feminist demands, what does he get in return?

Most men today are growing to understand once the initial child bearing is completed, sex will be a chore he has to earn then over time. What was a mutually enjoyable pleasure soon becomes detested work for her that has to be earned.

Men today have seen how ‘Accepted husbands” go back to “lower class male” she’d never have accepted without her ticking clock. At best, that relegates him to a solo quiet porn session, cheated on or thrown out, watching his prize car driving down the street sporting it’s new “WasHis” registration plate.

Sure, as men, we’re genetically programmed to want to care for and protect our female and kids, so a number of men are still falling into the Venus Fly Trap. Men who think for themselves are now heavily weighing up the risk/value ratio.

At least half of young men today have watched this through their own viewport.

What’s the cause?

The real, very simple answer is honest self analysis. Take a long, hard look at yourself, with genuinely open eyes. Ask yourself what you bring to a relationship as well as what you really want. Rate yourself out of 10 in:

  • Looks and physical shape
  • Adventurousness
  • Open mindedness
  • Pleasant personality (to others, not you)(Pro tip, Big Personality means unpleasant)
  • Education
  • Loyalty and genuine empathy, (past the honeymoon phase)
  • Assets acquired
  • Debt level
  • Financially responsible money management
  • Emotional expectations
  • Preparedness to give what your partner wants
  • Your Active Listening skills (listening isn’t remaining silent till it’s your turn, then criticise and demand more)

Once you’ve done that honestly (If your average is 7+ across board, there’s your problem), then you have a better picture of the partner that’s likely to have interest in you, other than just for Boombaroomba.

Get real, no-one is just going to love you for who you are. You are a package. You know every box to be ticked in the package you want! Some packages are a realistic complimentary fit. They are the packages you should be looking for. Of those hundreds of guys you rejected there were probably a few you didn’t deserve but they weren’t the perfect package were they? Most didn’t get past a coffee or a few shags.

Have you ever asked men what they want and paid attention other than to criticise? You are the ideal package, the question is for who? What have you been reading so in Cosmo, seeing on every PC TV show and hearing from your girlfriends? Do they know what men want? Are you still seriously wondering where the Good Men Are? If so, best of luck!

Last pro tip for the page. You don’t ask while they’re chatting you up, that’s worse than Cosmo.

How do we fix it?

THIS APPLIES TO ALL GENDERS, even Tractors who identify as Attack Helicopters!

How about we all try an old exercise of meeting people and accepting them for who they are instead of immediate judging or shaming every element. Maybe also try looking in a mirror and listening to the uncomplimentary things you’ve been told. Oh, yeah, sorry. If a man said those things, he’s definitely a narcissistic, misogynist, tyrant. Men aren’t even allowed to express an opinion.

We’ve all seen the funny videos of;

  • The 50yo 150kg unemployed lady wanting a 30yo 80kg fit healthy man earning at least $60k and,
  • The Fat old broke guy who got taken to the cleaners wanting the nubile 25yo bikini model

Now ask yourselves whether you’re deliberately setting your young girls up so they have no hope of success. That would after all prove your theories men are inherently bad, wouldn’t it? With this brainwashed upbringing, what chance do you think these girls have of forming an ongoing equality based relationship with a male.

Sure, I’m going to grow up respecting a Male partner, aren’t I?

Yeah, I had to include just one of the not so bad ones as an example and showing the effects of all the crap the empowered female is taught. I have embedded this video on other pages. That’s because it covers the interrelationship of several related topics.

I personally, now fall marginally into the MGTOW category, not because I hate women, on the contrary, I’d love a great life-long relationship. With today’s double standards and legal bias and been screwed for large amounts already, it’s just not worth it. I’ve read and watched enough of the angry INCEL and MGTOW material to know that’s not what I want. I also won’t expose myself to the risks of the new Active Consent legislation and AVO’s being handed out like lolly bags, so, I’ve now made a constructive decision to just ENJOY my own home, my classic cars and motor bikes, fly my airplane, go diving and 4WD touring etc on my own or with friends. Many of my friends met through business and clubs are on the same path. Of the guys I know in the age range of 48-65 that have either bought their own home or have a good income etc, more than 3/4 will never repartner.

This is a Dual-Edged sword. Women today are educated to want the cream of the crop. They’re equally educated to give very little in return. The demands today are for the chosen males to place their balls in a females left hand while putting a carving knife in their right. Ladies, all of this seriously diminishes your chances. Is it your intent to have become this brainwashed?

Please, as individuals, think for yourself. Challenge steady diet of dogma you’ve been fed. Question the doctrine from all angles. If the Feminist ideals are causing women to be unhappier and more aggrieved than at any other time in history, just maybe they’re wrong. That’s what men are doing and voting with their feet.

This is my firm, researched belief why there are NO GOOD MEN!

Joke Of The Day

Q: How many Feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: One. Men can be Feminists, too.

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