Silencing Men and Boys

How do Feminists respond when Women and Men, Mothers and Fathers try to address issues which drastically affect men such as Men’s suicide rates, Prostate Cancer, Falling male education, Male vocational death rates, and other uniquely male societal, health and survivability issues?

Shut Them Down

The first reaction is always to label anything benefiting or assisting males as misogynistic, tyrannical patriarchal dominance etc. You know all the rhetoric. Of course, males suicide 3 or 4 times more often because they’re misogynistic, tyrannical patriarchs.

The second action is straight CANCEL CULTURE. Shut them down, don’t let them speak, even to each other. If that requires death and bomb threats, destroying national historical buildings or unrelated workers lives, that’s clearly necessary.

Third, Physically block access to any meetings, block attendees with physical threats and violence to stop them discussing issues we fail and Male Advocacy meeting look like getting underway. Do whatever damage, regardless of cost to the government or community to shut those misogynistic rapists down from talking to each other about health issues.

Feminists attack everything Men think, do or say.

Fourth, when you have shut them down and drag them out of their private areas, ATTACK,ATTACK,ATTACK ! Do not let them speak, Do not engage in dialogue, Never respond to proper questions, just abuse until they run away in submission. When you’re done shouting them down, never answer questions, no matter how hard they try to initiate conversation.

Feminist women know the truthful statistics that men will virtually never use violence against a woman except in a survival situation, as much as the highly misleading data they peddle as statistics. Feminists know unless a male has real problems such as mental issues, alcoholism or drug addiction, they’ll do everything in their power to defend and protect females. This is so ingrained in cultural male psyche, these aggressive women feminists deliberately exploit it by pushing men to the absolute limit trying to get huge publicity, trying to push men to lash out in terror.

How do we deal with this? What would happen if we did the same to them?

This is obviously deliberate because the female feminists do nearly all the violent obstruction. If men were even 1/10th as violent as the Feminist designed advertising campaigns purport, why would they provoke men like this with massive, in your face abuse? Why would they do this bullying without their Manpuppy White Ribbon simps to physically protect them? More importantly, why would their Manpuppies allow these women to put themselves in line of such grave danger. Even their Duluth worshiping Manpuppies know male protesters won’t defend themselves other than to reduce grievous bodily harm .

Group after group, Individual after individual, Male advocate groups are falsely targeted as Hate Groups to silence them. It’s no harder to target a Men’s group as misogynistic than it is for a divorcing wife to make false allegations of domestic violence to financially rape and steal a man’s children

Men, when confronted by women, will try to soothe the waters, settle things and where needed, go hide in the “Man-Cave” until things settle. Unfortunately, this instinct has been taken advantage of far too long and the penalties are now way to high. In Self Defence, against loss of Financial, Legal, Health, Property and social Rights, a few Men’s Groups have started forming in attempts to claw back Equality and reestablish balance.

Rather than waffle on about it, how about I hand you over to Karen Straughan, a knowledgeable lady who’s studied this attack dog mentality.

In Standard form, as soon as a Men’s Group forms, they’re relentlessly attacked by Feminist groups, always trying to blame the Male participants screaming Men’s Groups are Attacking Women or Feminists.

I understand by putting content like this out there, I’m just as likely to come under attack like others who’ve spoken of statistical misinformation at the core of the Radical Feminist movement. I get the concept of becoming a marked zebra

I understand there will probably be attempts to silence or intimidate me into taking this down. I also understand Radical Feminists have made Death and Bomb threats against others who speak credibly against their ideologies. I’ve set this up prepaid for 10 years in advance so if I suddenly go missing, it will continue. Other delegates are appointed to manage. Think I’m exaggerating, listen to Erin below.

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