Developing Countries

It’s well known many developing countries, females and other non-male genders are treated very differently to how they’re treated in the majority of the Western world.

Over time we’re aiming to form alliances with respectful equality based feminist groups to assist with inappropriate treatment of women in developing countries.

We’d like to form ties with Libertarian, Liberal, Egalitarian, Choice, Individualist, Freedom, Equality Feminism groups. Whilst she doesn’t declare herself as feminist, Judge Judy represents much that’s great in I-Feminism. Whilst I’d hate to be on her shit-list, I hold her in very high esteem.

Any person who’s thought through their own beliefs, realistically, then live by them are the people I want to work with. Those people will get more valuable outcomes completed than hundreds of Chanty Binx types.

We clearly recognise it’s not reasonable to interfere with any other regions cultural practices or to interfere in their internal affairs. Each country or region in the world has formed it’s culture combining many elements ranging from religion, geographical, food & water availability, farmable crops, weather and so forth. We aim to avoid or minimise interference in cultural beliefs, seeking only to be of assistance where cruelty, unfair treatment and damage is inflicted upon females. In most cases, but not all, the practices we aim to assist with are where individuals act outside reasonable behaviour, especially where physical pain, personal shaming, unnecessary embarrassment and bodily damage or deformation is forced.

At this time, the specific items we’re aiming to assist with are;

  • Acid attacks
  • Bride burning
  • Child marriages
  • Dowry violence
  • Female circumcision/Genital mutilation
  • Honour killings
  • Virginity testing

This list isn’t finalised

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