Future of the World

I’ll clearly detail this as my opinion without a lot of my own researched statistics. It’s just the only logical long-term possibility I see on our present path of Male/Female Division.

Sure, there are always more possible outcomes than the obvious ones in any circumstance set. The one outcome I can GUARANTEE on our current path is a country that looks nothing like we have now. If you hate this country so badly, together with the freedoms that permit outlandish, self-serving, ENTITLED behaviour, just keep doing the same.

Yes, ridiculous expectations exist both sides of the gender wall but seriously, it’s primarily females controlling whether relationships happen and what happens inside relationships. It’s women that are constantly moaning there are No Good Men and that Men are no good. Once men are entrenched in relationships, a little regular affection and a full belly (regardless of who cooks) and MOST (not all) remain satisfied and committed.

Combining unreasonable expectations of partners with refusal to get into Child rearing relationships, both marriage and Western birth rates ARE in a MASSIVE spiralling decline. Our government won’t allow population reduction because of it’s financial impact.

Japan is further down the road of Gender Division than us, however they don’t have the anger and distress generated by Radical Feminism. If you’d like to get a Heads Up on what a divided society looks like, seek out and watch the documentary Love and Sex in Japan , (this link is just a trailer, clips are on youtube). Given they don’t have the warfare and friction we have, I’m certain they’re in a far better position than us inside 10-15 years. They’re dealing with ambivalence as their driver, not manufactured hatred.

A more likely outcome for our path is detailed in the video below. Our government is heavily driving our bus down that road right now, specifically for these reasons.

I have chosen an old video presentation below because it was a set of predictions made back in 2009 and we are on track in complete accordance with those predictions. Many newer videos are available but this one demonstrates evidence of the predictions by accuracy of outcomes. Average fertility rate in Australia now is around 1.75 including fertility rates ranging from 3-8 children per Chinese, African and Islamic couples compensating for Judeo Chritian birthrates being down to approx. 1 child per 2 adults now. These rates will worsen as the new Active Consent laws flood the courts with Sexual Assault complaints and Men walk away as is happening in huge numbers with MGTOW.

With negative population growth from declining Western birth rates, Governments of most western countries are now pushing huge immigration policies to compensate for that reducing fertility rate. This is very fast resulting in in a changing demographic. A demographic that’ll just squash feminism totally, not just Radical Feminism.

If you think for 1 moment the rising Islamic populace will tolerate The Duluth Model’s anti-Male tenets, think again.

Take a look at this report and predictions made back in 2009. Twelve years later, nearly all of it is happening pretty much right on schedule to their predictions.

I don’t have anything against Muslims in general however, I loved the country I grew up in. I loved the Western and Christian values nearly all people shared. I loved the commonality of understanding it created. I loved there was no other groups telling you it’s offensive to sing Christmas carols. I loved that Kindergartens, Schools and Workplaces celebrated Christmas. I loved that my Mum could work in a delicatessen and not have men of other backgrounds spit on or be rude to her. In many suburbs, this has already changed.

Do you want your children to one day be subject to Sharia law? Do you want the dress standard of your daughters to enforce head coverings.

If we continue on the current path where the vast majority of our population growth comes from immigration and depending whether the current immigration mix is continued, this WILL most likely occur in your children’s lifetime.

What I can almost guarantee with the current massive Muslim population growth is that unless we get our house in order and start working together, Radical Feminists won’t have any say in it!

Ask yourself if that’s the future you want to leave your children? Selfish Power struggles have always led to either Civil war, Outright destruction or complete Cultural failure of civilisations. Ours is on the brink! Thank Feminism

I’ve embeded this video on other pages. That’s because it covers the interrelationship of several related topics. Even if you’ve seen it a while ago, it’s probably worth reviewing while considering the Future of the Country.

Joke Of The Day

Q: What’s more useless than a condom at a feminist rally? A: Everyone there.

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