Criminal Law

Criminal Law is now one of the fastest growing areas of Men’s inequality to females, especially in the arenas designated Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Rape. This differential is getting so large, many men, especially men with concern for their future or reputation are completely avoiding both sex and romantic relationships with females altogether.

The current premise seems to create such huge disparity between the genders that Females now bear ZERO responsibility for their own actions.

Females can go out, get drunk, proposition men then if the man accepts HER proposition, it’s Sexual Assault, if he refuses her advances she can accuse him sexual assault out of spite! I get the theoretical world says he’s a hero if he says NO, but, seriously, how well is that same female going to react when a male rejects her?

Lawyers discussing a real case where False Rape allegations were manufactured to justify sleeping with friend’s Ex-boyfriend

Joke Of The Day

Q: What do you call a Feminist Government A: A DickHaterShip

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