Sabotaging Tomorrow

What we’re imploring here is to think about how your actions today are going to affect the world and your kids tomorrow instead of just finding newer, sneakier shameful ways to demand or manipulate what you want today.

Think about the consequences. Watch these videos and check out the kids’ behaviour

In this first video, whilst the first question posed is factually incorrect, (it’s illegal to pay different genders different amounts for the same job), let’s look at the kids responses. See if you can spot which kids are natural and speak from their own observations vs. which kids have clearly being Indoctrinated about adult issues which they can’t influence.

Which of these kids are experiencing life making for themselves?

Watch these and ask yourselves, seriously, if their developing brain is going to stand a chance of viewing the world through their own observations and assessments. Can they meet others with an expectation of honour and fairness.

This is the sort of Brainwashing that’s destroying our children. By using logical and clear fairness to deliberately promote support for manipulative untruth based questions, kids lives will forever be set against each other. This video had me believing in it until 2 min 27 seconds where it poses a completely incorrectly structured statement to create a deliberately conditioned acceptance the statement actually shows unfairness. The statement is technically correct but this is just how Feminist misinformation works, executed beautifully. What should the statement be? See below the video.

Women are on average paid 20% less because they work less hours and occupy lower responsibility positions, by choice!

The entire foundation of this video is pure conjecture based on completely incorrect presuppositions. For this video to be any where a correct representation of truth, all women working in the industry must;

  • be equally as qualified as the men
  • work the same number of hours as the men
  • accept and administer the same level of leadership as the men
  • carry the same career risk profiles as the men
  • establish the same working lifespan experience as the men, and, …. DRUM ROLL…………..
  • provide the same level of productivity as the men

This video shows illegal actions of breaking the equal work for equal pay laws purporting that to be what’s happening.

Do you think rubbish like this is promoting collaborative skill building or deliberately pitting females against males combatively based on nothing more than lie based entitlement?

This is not the worst. more to follow

Joke Of The Day

Q: What do you call a happy cow? A: Laughing stock.

Q: What do you call a grumpy cow? A: A Feminist