Virgin Testing

One of the most oppressive treatments regularly applied to women in some countries.

The tests are not only inconclusive, they are scientifically incorrect. This has been known and proven for more than a century. So why does this practice continue?

Religious and Cultural control. Behavioural oppression and shaming.

Rather than read a lengthy text, I’d like to present Two highly credentialed authors of a statistical evidence based book to explain the real facts in detail.

Hymens cannot be used to prove virginity.

A serious warning must accompany this education material. The intent is not to encourage females to break their cultural expectations. What they choose to do must be a decision that considers the fact they live within cultures which hold specific values. If they choose to break their region’s cultural expectations, the consequences for their life can in some countries be dire.

This education is offered to ensure clarify the practice is clearly not conclusive. If it’s not conclusive, why would any female be subjected to these indignities?

Morality and ethics are very much culturally based. Culture has been developed over thousands of years to improve communities. Beware that changing these values may have far reaching consequences.

Clearly, hymens can be damaged by sporting activities etc and damage to a hymen is certainly not assured by intercouse. On that basis, This practice needs to be stopped, now!

Jesus was born of a Virgin mother. Does this explain how?

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