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As a man who grew up in an extremely violent environment, I just don’t get how this level of Man-Bashing Brain-Washing horse shit can have gotten such traction. In my house as a kid, there were attempted stabbings, attempted shooting, attempted vehicular murder, food poisoned, a parent was set on fire etc. without even wasting time on the standard physical beatings.
One of the most frustrating and confusing was when one parent tried to walk away from escalating arguments, weaponised physical attacks were triggered.
Memories of avoiding violence are my very earliest memories. I still have confidence issues because of this at 59 yo. These behaviours need to be stopped and stopped NOW. They cause MASSIVE LIFETIME EFFECTS for the children and others caught up in the behaviour.
During my entire upbringing, EVERY act of aggression came from one parent! My MUM!

Dad issued discipline, whilst sometimes harsh, usually in relativity to the offence.

To cap it off, I had a sister nearly 5 years my senior showing her frustrations, also abusing me, both physically and psychologically.

My mother regularly accused my father of being a Wife-Beater although I never saw anything to suggest that to be true

At around age 12, I asked my father why he just stood there accepting the beatings and didn’t at least defend himself? He explained that early in the marriage, Mum was punching into him with overhead punches. He put his arm up to block a hit. This resulted in her forearm striking his forearm as he defended his head. The outcome was Mum broke her forearm on Dad’s. This resulted in lifelong accusations of Wife-Beating. Rather than risk further accusation, he just accepted the hits from then on. They were rarely just fists. Anything in the housed could be weaponised from the clothes iron to a steel thermos.

If my father had made a complaint of domestic violence, he’d have been laughed out of the Police station let alone the Court system!

After my own not so great marriage, in the Family Court, I stood accused of Physical and psychological abuse of our child, Psychological abuse of the wife, alcohol and drug abuse etc, etc, all with absolutely no evidence. I had to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on Toxicology reports, Psychological reports, and so forth to disprove every allegation.

I was clearly told by my lawyer if I returned similar allegations as a male, I WOULD DEFINITELY be IMPRISONED for perjury but my Oh So Truthful Poor Female wife could say absolutely anything with absolutely no proof or fear of repercussions. In fact, my (FEMALE) lawyer said “Oh, I’m surprised she hasn’t alleged sexual abuse of the child, that’s normal these days” !

I’ve had a couple of other relationships since then because YES, I would love to have a good life’s partner but most of those have resulted in a continuously growing set of expectations, including financial support, with a corresponding reduction in input from the lady as my perceived commitment grew.

In my entire life, I’ve only ever known one man to physically “Man-handle” his wife. Amongst other injuries, she broke 3 of his ribs with a baseball bat. He was covered in his own blood. Because he wrestled the bat from her, he was the one arrested and locked up! She was always the aggressor. In later conversations with her, she admitted, not once did he actually strike her.

Don’t get me wrong in thinking I hate women either, I know many who are great, I have very good female friends that I seriously trust and love (as friends) but as far as sharing a house or a life again, NOT Likely! With such stacked legislation, how can you possibly risk trusting unless you have nothing to lose?

I’ve now made a constructive decision to just ENJOY my Classic cars and motorbikes, go flying, go diving and 4WD touring etc on my own.

We as men need to understand, we just don’t deserve the risks attached to partnering with the modern female under the new legislation. We don’t need the attempts to push us out of the houses we’ve bought and paid for simply by lodging a false allegation. Any worthwhile man who’s built reputation or asset, really is better just ignoring women completely. This especially applies to men with a respectable career, who has purchased shares or Real Estate. For those men, the risk/reward gable guarantees female attachment is no longer worth the potential price risk!

If you’re a fella with nothing to lose financially or reputationally, it’s now your time to party! The gameboard is yours to play on. Go for it!

I regularly laugh when I’m told I’m just a typical male that’s scared to commit…………………………

In the unlikely event I ever decide to repartner, it’ll be in a country without Male prejudistic laws.

If this sounds angry, you might be right. I don’t know a single man who’s been subjected to decidedly one-sided laws to damage, harm or strip them naked. Resentment is tearing our civilisation apart. The video below will explain why, after all these years, I’m speaking my truth