Campus Conditioning

Many University campuses teaching Gender studies appear to be openly teaching hatred against males, especially straight males. Yes, that’s a very big statement. It needs to be.

If a University mathematics course teaches students 1+1=7, the university will rapidly step in correcting the professor unless that professor can demonstrate a new theory proving how this can be the case. Similarly, if a University course teaching mathematics teaches mathematical models which refuse to deal with even numbers or that even numbers don’t exist, the University will rapidly have the teaching professor in providing evidence on their model being undeniable otherwise instructing course materials MUST comply with known, researched, proven statistical data. If the professor chooses to legitimise their new model, they will have to be able to provide complete and total evidence, verifiable research results, combined with the validity of the research proven.

If they can’t provide and show proof they may be allowed to offer their new model as an alternative to proven statistical research as a theoretical model, similar to say, String theory, but they will not be allowed to teach or even purport that as proven fact.

This is the foundation of our education system. Has our education system been Hijacked?

Professors and Lecturers in Gender studies are clearly not subject to the same requirements.

Have you ever wondered why the modern feminist is so angry? Have you noticed the modern feminist seems so devoid of normal humour? Have you noticed a pattern where Radical feminists are so ideologically structured, completely rejecting proven scientifically researched, proven facts and data? Have you ever wondered why the Radical Feminist teachings, especially the Duluth model STRICTLY teaches massive unproven unprovoked violence and sexual assault by males against females? Are you curious why the Radical Feminist teachings completely deny Female attacks on males and when completely proven, justify those attacks as Self Defense from the Male dominated patriarchal hierarchy? There’s massive and deliberate design behind these teachings

Gender studies build upon well known and lesser known long proven conditioning processes

Most if not all Gender Studies courses teach;

  • Males control everything with a Tyrannical Male Dominance Hierarchy
  • Males use Violence to enforce their Tyrannical Male Dominance Hierarchy
  • Females are always submissive
  • Females are always truthful
  • Women are and have always been oppressed
  • Females are attacked by males
  • Females are always victims
  • If a Female attacks, it’s in self defence, even if her victim is sleeping
  • Females are paid less

Fear based training and Psychological stress

Have you ever noticed the Cult-like determination for Gender Studies trained people to double-down arguing unproven ideologies to the point of outright aggression when faced with highly evidenced statistics opposing their unilateral Male blaming education?

This doubling down behaviour appears to be the result of the agitation caused by cognitive dissonance . The Gender studies student faced with the choice of remaining loyal to the groups they’ve joined and holding on to non statistical ideologies will dismiss, ignore or deny truthful data and statistics to avoid the discomfort created by the dissonance.

This type of behaviour usually includes blind loyalty to the conditioned faith tenets. Members disagreeing with even a single core tenet will often be punished or even ostracized for flouting the teachings.

Tactics used to present arguments

When a group of people believe they’re right and want to fight for what they see as their rights, they’ll go loud and proud, screaming into non believers faces, especially when dealing with victims who are unable to strike back. They outright refuse proper conversation or debate just screaming their rhetoric, refusing to listen to anything but their own tainted views.

This behaviour is predominant when shutting down any Men’s groups trying to act in their own interests. These loud & prouders’ feel the need to shut Men’s groups down even when they’re discussing Male suicide, Health, or other issues because they understand if they allow Men’s groups to appropriately detail genuine facts and statistics, their own ideologies will be shown to be flawed.

Feminist groups will deliberately place angry, inflamed, combative females blocking entry to, or forcing shutdown of Men’s activities. They’ll set off Fire alarms, use bullhorns being as destructive as possible. They deliberately promote violence with actions clearly defined by their own teachings as unacceptable, but clearly, their double standard means only unnacceptable if males do it.

They appear to incite physical violence from the people they’re protesting against. No matter how much violence they use, they look to capture anything men do to demonstrate men are the violent ones but the world is seeing common sense prevail. The world is seeing men are not protesting women’s issues, men support genuine women’s issues.

When Feminists want to change laws to favour females and manipulate legislation where they know aggressive bullying can’t be used, they avoid public debate. They’ll use covert, subversive, backdoor relationships ensuring opposers to their ideologies don’t get the chance to properly debate their manipulative Anti-Male, Pro-Female law control. This technique is actively taught by the Duluth Model promoters in their about page.

Media Bias by Volume

This is just simple numerics. How many female feminists enrol for Gender studies? How many male feminists enrol for Gender studies. Whilst a number of males sign up to understand their own gender questioning, many males appear to enlist for the purposes of popularity with the females. Now ask a slightly different question, how many males or females enrol for Gender studies as a Non Feminist? That can be either Gender neutrality, confusion, diversity or for Men’s issues. Here’s a hint, the pre PC name was Women’s studies.

The next question is why did those students enrol in Women’s or Gender studies? In general, the answer seems to be they’re very Feminist based and in many cases are already strongly involved in Feminist activism.

So what is being taught in these courses?

The Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research at Monash University was established in 1987, offering a platform to bring together expertise in feminist social sciences and humanities research from the Faculty of Arts. The Centre was founded to foster research and teaching collaborations that addressed women’s equity and participation.

The Centre now operates as a research hub in the Faculty of Arts, where feminist and gender scholarship is one of the key Faculty research strengths in all disciplines.

So why does Professor JaneMaree Maher and other universities teach completely biased unilateral dogma such as this without a single mention it is approximately 60/40 ratio with one man killed in a both gender measuring survey?

Why is more than one woman per week killed by their current or ex intimate partner in Australia?,-equality-and-family-violence-prevention-interview-with-professor-janemaree-maher

The equivalent gender reversed statistic is 1 man is killed approximately every 10 days.

Why is it these University run Gender studies appear to teach specifically Female and Disability victim research only? How do these so called experts get away with pushing their completely one sided dogma, completely (or close to completely depending on the course) ignoring and failing to teach the actual statistics rather than unilateral results?

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